10 Baby Shower Gifts Under $35 Moms Will Thank You For

Baby showers are seriously life savers. First off, they supply you with possibly everything you need to keep that little babe alive upon arrival, and second, it’s a chance for those experienced moms to bestow upon you all of the items they discovered and deem necessary for survival. I think the most helpful gifts I got from my shower for little Savannah were the ones that were given for a reason. I understand that when it comes to baby showers everyone is so excited to give the little outfits, the cute soft stuffed animals, and all the blankets (I try to switch out the blankets we use every couple of weeks because we have soo many!) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting those gifts! Savannah was very fortunate to get so many cute outfits and soft blankets, she is stylin and profilin every day so far of her little life. While those gifts are so thoughtful and amazing, the practical gifts are the ones that will literally save.your.life. So, here is a list of the top 10 items under $35 that I realized pretty dang quickly that I would have never thought of to buy, but am so so glad someone else did because we use them literally every day!

I’m going to link all of the items I suggest, all of which you can find at target for an easy one stop shop but you can find at almost any store that sells baby stuff!

  1. Nose Frida ($15.99) and Saline nose drops ($3.79) – Man, I honestly cannot praise this little sucker enough. Having a baby born in wintertime means there are a lot of stuffy noses and I don’t know about any other babies out there, but Savannah just haaaated when I tried to use those blue bulbs you get from the hospital to suck out her boogers. My friend Ally (hey girl!) gave me a gift basket a couple weeks after Savannahs birth that had a lot of stuff, she found helpful with her little one and this was in there. Don’t get me wrong, Savy still hates when I even go near her nose, but this makes the process so insanely fast and efficient! And don’t worry, the boogers don’t actually go in your mouth. That saline nose drops make the process way quicker too! Sometimes I will just squirt a couple drops in her nose without using the nose Frida just to clear some of the mucus up and have it naturally left her little nose.
  • Diaper Genie ($24.99)– I really don’t know what parents did with diapers before this thing. It not only stores a ton of dirty diapers; it also hides the smell completely and is super easy to use! I mean, it did take us a moment to figure out how to change the liners and to understand that you actually cut each bag at the top when its full so you can bring a new sleeve down, BUT when we did, it was amazing! Trust me, when your baby has a blow out, the last thing you want to deal with is finding a place to put the dirty diaper where you aren’t constantly reminded by the smell!
  • Boppy ($29.99)– When it comes to breastfeeding, I have used the pillows and I have used the boppy and let me tell you, the boppy just saves your arms a ton of aching! If you aren’t going to breastfeed, it can definitely be used to help support your newborn in your arms during those early days of life where all they want to do is be held, and as a prop up pillow for when they get a little bit older and doing a lot of tummy time. Either way, it’s a super useful item that can be used from newborn age on up! Savannah is just over 3 months old so I no longer use it for breastfeeding because she’s a biiig baby but we use it as a little back support so she can look around the room for a little bit.
  • SwaddleMe Original Swaddle ($24.99) – THESE. These guys have been our savior these past couple of months. These swaddles are Velcro and let me tell you, it is a night and day difference using these versus the normal swaddle blankets. Don’t get me wrong, those swaddle blankets are big and beautiful and completely Instagram worthy! But in my experience, are a complete nightmare to maintain. Our biggest problem occurred when Savannah would wiggle while she slept, and the blanket would either ride up or slowly came unraveled. I was so worried that it would basically turn into a blanket that she was cocooned in while we were sleeping, and it would get so close to her face I felt like it was a disaster waiting to happen! We even tried wrapping around her shoulders, but the little squiggle worm always managed to get out! But these puppies were so secure and so easy to put on and take off swiftly in the night, I cannot recommend them enough!
  • Diapers Super Pack ($24.99) – Look, I know giving diapers as a shower gift is probably one of the least exciting things to give, but they are invaluable! We received so many diapers in so many different brands and it was seriously amazing. We got to try different brands out and find the one that worked the best for Savy AND we didn’t have to worry about purchasing any for literal months! I believe in trying a variety of diaper brands and so I was NOT choosy when it came to receiving some as a gift, but my personal favorites after trial and error have to be huggies and pampers! Go figure. Huggies are a little cheaper, which is so nice, but pampers truly are magic when it comes to holding all the poo in and absorbing everything so it doesn’t irritate our sweet little girls bum.
  • Car Seat Cover ($32.99) – ok so this one I actually bought for myself after Savannah was born. I saw that my friend Taylor had one for her little guy and I was amazed! Taking a newborn to and from appointments in the Nebraska winter was brutal and I felt so helpless with the wind blowing in and around the car seat. I bought one immediately! It works to cover from the weather, to help them sleep while carrying the car seat or if it’s in the car, AND if you don’t want strangers hovering over your little baby while you’re trying to peacefully shop at target, you can use it as a deterrent! Perfect!
  • Sound Machine ($24.99)– so this is something I put on the registry, got as a gift, but didn’t use for a long time for absolutely no reason. When Savy was first born, I was terrified to sleep with the light off in our room. I needed to see her face at all times to make sure she was sleeping or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Doesn’t make sense, I know. I finally was at my wits end trying to get her to fall asleep one night and I remembered I had this sound machine in her room, so I decided to give it a try. Oh my, it changed everything! There are a ton a music options and it also has a projector that shines on the ceiling that emits enough light where I can see her face perfectly without the whole room being lit up. Now it’s an essential part of her nighttime routine and she knows it’s time to reeeaally sleep when this bad boy comes on. Also, Trevor is very happy we can once again sleep in (partial) darkness.
  • Infant Bath Tub ($19.99) –If you have a baby that absolutely hates bath time like I do, it really saves your sanity. When we left the hospital, they gave us all the little Knick knacks they used for Savannah’s stay including this green bucket they used as a makeshift bathtub and for some reason we thought that would be way more easier to use rather than the infant bathtub we had gotten from our shower. WRONG. Holding a wailing, writhing, newborn baby up with one hand while trying to wash her with the other was a complete and utter nightmare and it left us all traumatized. When we tried the actual infant bathtub the next time, I seriously wanted to slap our past selves. Baby girl was still wailing and writhing, but she was at least secure, and we didn’t have to hold her up at all. If you see this on a baby registry, get it for that mama!
  • Changing pad ($24.99) – changing pads are a necessity. It is probably the most used baby item we have in our house and as weird as it sounds, Savannahs favorite place to hang out. I have no idea why, but she just loves laying down on that thing, it’s the first place I ever saw her smile, and it makes changing the million diapers a day way less painful! Again, so so boring to buy, but so so important and that’s all I gotta say!
  • Burping cloth ($7.99) – So the last item on this list isn’t going to wow you (I’m not sure if any if them did to be honest…!) and it is for sure one of the more obvious gifts, but let me tell you, these suckers really are priceless in our household. While we were working towards a solution for Savy’s protein intolerances, we had to deal with a lot of spit up along the way. It got to the point where we had at least one burp cloth in each sitting zone in our house. The bedroom, the kitchen, the office, the basement couch, two in her room, and two at LEAST in the living room. You weren’t safe anywhere! Now, we basically have the spit up under control, but she is now in the phase of drooling absolutely everywhere. So, burp cloths will remain a top 10 necessity for a little while longer!

Now I’m sure a lot of you moms out there can attest to at least some of these things on my list! But I know each baby is so different making it so each of their needs are going to differ, so this list may not be as foolproof for you as it is for me. I would love to hear what is a must have on your list! I think remaining budget friendly is so important when it comes to baby items because lord knows how much money we are going to be shelling out for our little ones! So why not save when we can?

If you have any lifesaving baby items for 3-12 months that really made an impact on yours and babies life, PLEASE let me know! I would love to hear about any and all unique or completely mundane items you have at home right now!  

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