To Be Honest...

10 Things I Want my Daughter to Know

As 2020 nears its end and Savannah nears the end of her first year of life, it’s made me think about all of the lessons I’ve truly learned this past year. Through all of the heart ache, anxiety and insecurities this pandemic has brought on, it has also given my family unbelievable opportunities, clarity, and special bonds that can only be formed through distance. This year has shaped me as an individual and as a mother, in ways I never anticipated. This week I decided that I wanted to put down all of the important lessons, thoughts, realizations – all of it – down in one place so I can use it as a reminder of the values I want to live by and uphold for myself. I hope to teach these same values to Savannah as she grows up. So, here are 10 things I want my daughter to know 💛

  1. Choose to be the helper in situations – don’t wait for others to do it instead

2. Educate yourself – knowledge has the ability to lift the veil of prejudice and divisiveness, don’t let yourself fall prey to either

3. Stay strong in your beliefs, even if people openly oppose it

4. It’s okay to change – simple as that

5. Don’t push against your instincts – trust yourself! You will inherently know what’s right and what’s wrong

6. Be brave – the world can be a very scary place

7. Don’t be afraid to take chances (It took your mama a long time to learn this one)

8. Take any opportunity to explore the world. If an opportunity doesn’t present itself, feel free to create one!

9. It’s ok to make mistakes, just find some way to learn from them

10. Most importantly, be whoever you want to be. Your mama already loves each and every version you could possibly be 💕