5 Simple Ways to Unwind After Momming All Day

This week has been a mix of wonderful and truly hard moments. Savannah has officially entered into that new stage of life where her vocal range is through the roof, and she *has to have* everything her mama is looking at. It’s simultaneously so much fun and so much work, so by the time Trev clocks off at work, I am so so ready to have a little time to myself. For me, I need something low key and simple to unwind. It can’t be something long and drawn out where I have to invest what’s left of my patience into accomplishing. I need something to give me a quick boost, not necessarily to give me energy, but to get me calm. I am very good at keeping it together most days (except for yesterday, I was losing it really early in the day!) but as soon as Trevor comes around the corner, I feel myself take a deep breath and subtly try to relax my shoulders from the pressure of keeping a 12 month old alive for the past 8 hours. With that said, a lot of these are going to be of the “duh everybody knows this is an option” variety because they are that.simple. But hear me out, knowing something and actually doing it are 2 very very different things. I feel like our society prides itself on doing more, being the best, and being the *most unique* all at the same time. But I feel like mentally juggling all of those ideals, especially when you’re trying to think of things to help you unwind after a long day, is just so exhausting! So, if you’re looking for a list of completely unique ways, never before heard ways to destress – I’m afraid you are at the wrong place..! (If you find one though, send it my way because I’m always up to try something new!) Rather, I’m going to give you a list of the ways I have found to actually really help me decompress after mommin it up all day, also while juggling the quarantine restrictions we are still living under. 

Side note: It’s really really important to me to adhere to the CDC guidelines for the quarantine because of our sweet little Savannah and the complete lack of understanding with this virus and its long term effects in adults and children. I would be absolutely heartbroken if I knew that I had given it to her during a time I was out “distressing.” We all need to take time for ourselves in our own ways, and once the pandemic is over, I’m sure I will branch out and think of more fun and creative ways to do these things, but for now – these are the safest ways that make me truly happy! 

I wrote a similar blow post back in August called 5 ways to help you stay sane while being a parent So you should check that one out for some more simple ideas! 

  1. Online browse, not shop – so simple and just as effective

I know how this sounds, but hear me out! Trev will never quite understand my absolute love for online browsing. Not shopping, browsing. I have so many carts going on so many websites, but 9 times out of 10 I delete all of them after a week or so. It’s just something about looking at sales (which hello 2021, I’m looooving all of the sales from my favorite sites!) and the beautiful pictures that get me so inspired for life! I know objects can only make you happy to a certain extent, that’s why I rarely actually purchase anything during these unwind moments because it would all be an impulse buy (which I really don’t like to do!) but something about looking at clothes, home décor, and baby stuff that gets me excited about planning for our future. Will Savannah need more pants or should I start buying her dresses since its almost February? Do you jeans from 2 years ago still fit me or do I need to size up this year to be comfortable and happy? Is there any new furniture pieces on Pinterest or Anthropologie that give me ideas for how to redo this dead space we have in our living room? For me, looking at stuff and not buying doesn’t make me upset! But, if you are the type of person who thinks this sounds incredibly anticlimactic, maybe skip to the next one!😂

2. Either make a coffee from scratch or drive and get one 

I’ve talked about this almost nonstop since Christmas in my stories on instagram, but since I have received my frother and espresso maker, I have been absolutely loooving making myself and Trev lattes! It’s not only extremely cost effective (which I’m alllways loving a cheaper way to do things) but it’s actually very therapeutic to make it from scratch! Grinding the beans, packing them in the espresso machine (I have the one you place on the stove like a tea kettle, not an automatic one!) and then picking the milk, adding it and the vanilla syrup to the frother , and then adding it all together at the end! Just love! But there are deeefinitely days where I’m like nope, I need a fancy coffee and I don’t want to lift a finger so I’m going to go grab one! During those quick drives I 100% take advantage of it! Windows down, favorite song playing, hair down! The whole drive to and from the coffee shop lasts maybe 20 minutes, but its always just enough to get my blood pressure lowered, my mind placed on me and my own needs in that specific moment, and I can just breathe knowing Savy is living it up playing with her Papa after a long day of not seeing him! We all win!

3. Go into our room, shut the door, light a candle, and either read for 30 minutes or listen to a new episode of my favorite podcast – alone

While we have split levels in our house, its actually pretty difficult to find any where you can go to get some peace and quiet! On days that I really just need to be alone for 30 minutes, I go into our bedroom, shut the door, light my fancy candle that Trevor got me for Christmas, and either catch up on the latest episode of my favorite podcast or read one of the books I got this year for Christmas (I’m reading Untamed right now and its 🙏🏼💛) again! So simple, but it really allows me to focus on the present and my needs. I allow myself to fully smell the candle, to lay on the bed and relax, and either really read in comfortable silence for a while, or really listen to the words of the podcast. Since its nearly impossible to read or follow along to a podcast with a 1 year old crawling al over you during the day, these moments give my mind a moment to truly focus on someone else’s words – without the distractions of the TV or my phone! I really do try to leave my phone and iPad downstairs during this time (we don’t have a TV in our bedroom) so I can just focus on these things and not get caught up in the endless scrolling of instagram, facebook, or tik tok. Don’t get me wrong, I do let myself have those times! But I try to be intentional about when I do it, you know? Gotta have balance!

4. Do my devotions or breathing exercises

Because I am realities, I have found that sitting down in quiet room and doing my devotions and just relaxing my mind and praying about anything and everything that’s been weighing on my mind that day, has been so helpful. If you aren’t religious, doing some guided meditation an breathing exercises are also incredibly soothing. I often times do these both together – I start with the breathing exercised and do some guided meditation to get my mind and body relaxed, then I pull out my favorite devotional an either flip to a random page, or just read the next page that I’m on. When I decided to take this route to unwind, I always leave peaceful and calm because I have released all of my anxiety, anger, sadness, or just plain tiredness out of my body and put it all into Gods (or the universe if you will) hands. For me, that always takes an enormous weight off of my shoulders and gets me excited to return downstairs with my family!

5. Grab the coziest blanket we own, lay on the couch, and just watch Trev and Savy play together

Definitely leaving the simplest, best option for last. Sometimes all we mamas want is to stay in the room with our family, but to have the responsibility of keeping everybody safe *out of our hands* so some days, especially more recently, I just move from the floor with Savannah to the couch, grab Trevors amazingly soft blanket, and just lay down and watch Savy and Trevor play while I release my guard that has been up all day to protect Savannah, and simply check out for a bit. Trevor is awesome at letting me have these moments, even though I know it can be hard to not reach out for my help when I’m literally feet away, he never bothers me until I’m ready to literally get up off the couch and come join. Savannah will often times crawl over to me and while I may cuddle her for a second, I put her back on the ground and have Trevor some get her so I can resume my decompressing. If there is one thing I have learned this past year becoming a mama, its that we *have* to take these incredibly simple moments to do something for ourselves. Even if it is just sitting on the couch a few feet away from everybody, completely checked out, relaxing into a blanket. If you feel the need for a little drive that day, I highly encourage you to take that drive and get out for a bit. If you just need to be alone in a room so you can eat those cookies you have been hiding from your littles for who knows how long, you need to eat those cookies and you need to eat them in peace! 

I guess the whole point of this post isn’t to strike incredible inspiration into all of you, but to rather acknowledge the simplicity of taking a moment for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a spa day that costs $100 once a month, or take a trip to a neighboring town to explore – no, those need planning, time, energy, and money to make them worthwhile! When I asked Trev what he thought were some good ways to decompress he looked at me and said, “well what do you do immediately after I come down from work?” And that my friends, was exactly what I needed to Hear. I encourage all of you to make a list of 4 or 5 things that *you* can do that are sweet and simple but make a big impact on your mental health. Maybe it’s a dance party for 1? Maybe you want to go around and water your plants and take pride in their growth? Maybe you want to go play fetch with you dog? It doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters that you make it personal💛