8 Must Have Fall Items For Savy

So, fall is my favorite season. I think 99% of you out there can pretty much agree with me on that one. Now that Savannah is with us, I am that much more hyped about it because I have the honor of introducing her to some truly wonderful smells, tastes, and best of all – FASHION! Fall clothes are hands down my favorite items to wear. It allows just the right amount of layers and the best shoes! In the spirit of all things fall, I decided to make a list of all of the items I have or plan to purchase for Savannah leading into the chillier months! From clothes to nursery must haves, I’ve tailored this list to fit our families personal style and situation! For instance, I have on her thermal curtains because our house’s vents are verrrry archaic so we need to find ways to keep the heat out during the summer, and cold out during the winter! There’s a mix of things I already have gotten and things I hope to get, and things that are kiiiind of pricey mixed with things that are a great deal! When it comes to clothes for Savannah, I am keeping in mind that this will be the only fall and winter in which she gets to wear them, so I’m going to save as much as possible! But Nebraska weather is completely unpredictable, so I  want to be as prepared as possible for my little Bee! I hope you enjoy!

Lion Hat

This HAT. So its more for winter than fall, but its hands down the cuuuutest little hat I have ever seen! I have been eyeing it since summer and though I have yet to get it, I think this is the one I want to get for her for winter time. It wraps around her whole head and ties at the bottom, which is so nice! Savannah is getting the age where she hates having anything loose around her neck or on top of her head so she’ll just rip it off – so the ties are very handy! Plus, look at all that faux fur around the hood🥺 it’s so precious, I just can’t handle it…! I have some extras that I think we will most likely rotate around (and lets be honest, just try out to see if she’ll keep any of them on…) so here is an incredibly adorable picture of Savy wearing one that I already bought!

Baby Sweatshirts

I don’t know how I forgot about Zara since having Savannah, but I have recently rediscovered it and let me tell you! They have the absolute cuuutest baby clothes! Sometimes they are a little more than I like to spend (target really does have unbeatable prices, am I right?) but each piece is so unique and utterly adorable! If I do spend more than I planned, I just tell myself that we want more babies so I’m just getting it for their benefit too! But this sweatshirt in particular is so so precious! It has little frills on the sides going up, and is a sturdy, thick material that I know will come in handy when we leave the house! It seems her size is pretty popular at the moment so they don’t have a lot of selection, but I’m going to keep my eye open for restocks which I’m sure will happen in the coming months!

Instagram really has been amazing for marketing the smaller online boutiques, and they really know how to market towards me with those ads because I have found SO many little stores that I just adore! One I just discovered is called Roe and Cru and they have the most adorable baby sweater sets. They are extremely popular so they sell out super quickly so it’s a good idea to sign up for their restock notifications (which I did for one of these that I’m about to link) but its so nice to support the little guys sometimes! If you plan on shellin out the big bucks for your little ones, I encourage you to seek out the boutiques first to share some love during this hard time! Also, while some trends are pretty popular so you can find them most places, they definitely have some very unique items that you wont find at conglomerates like Zara or target! Here are 2 picks that I *reaaallly* want to get for Savannah!

Teddy jacket

I just purchased this jacket for Savannah and its such a good deal – not to mention super soft! It comes with the jacket plus a hat and a pair of mittens for only $20! The quality is honestly super great too. This specific design is actually advertised as a boys jacket but I honestly very rarely pat attention to that! I just feel like the boys section (for babies and adults) always has better quality fall/winter gear, so I usually flip through the girls designs (mostly consisting of bright pink deer and cats) then go to the boys, where I normally find what I want. I also like that the boys have animal designs with *normal* animal colors. The bears are brown or white, the deer are brown, the foxes are orange – while the girl section makes everything – and I’m not kidding when I say everything – pink! Animals are pink, flowers are pink, even fruits and vegetables are pink! Don’t get me wrong, I like a good pink! But I’m not obsessed with the color so I try to limit the pinkness in Savannah’s wardrobe because otherwise it would get out of hand rather quickly!

Baby faux Fur Jacket

Sleep Sac

Every parent has their method of keeping their little ones warm at night – some choose to use loose blankets in the crib, and others choose to use sleep sacs which are basically little sleeping bags! Trev and I love sleep sacs, and since Savannah not only loves them, but she can wear them up to the point of being a toddler, we decided it’s a good idea to invest in some that are super wonderful quality. I did a lot of research on different brands, what a TOG rating is, and how they contribute to sleep and I have landed on the brand Kyte! They are kind of pricey, so definitely view this as an investment (she can use these up to 18months) and we got 2 – one with a TOG rating of 1.0 and the other 2.5. TOG stands for “thermal overall grade,” which is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product. So, it basically just tells you how warm the product is! I have only seen 3 different TOG  ratings for sleep sacs, and we wanted one that was fairly warm and one that was extemrely warm. Our house was built in the 70’s but you would guess something much older based on the vent network in the bedrooms…they’re not really practical and distribute air really unevenly between the rooms upstairs and surprise surprise, Savannah’s room is the worst ventilated! It’s extremely hot in the summer and freezing during the winter. So, this winter we are taking precautions and trying some new things out – which includes these fancy Sleep sacs! We have started using the 1.0 sac and while she hasn’t told me personally, I think she really likes it! (Haha sorry, bad dad joke) I am really hopeful that the sac we have in the 2.5 rating keeps her really warm this winter! I will definitely keep you updated!

Baby Moccasins

Baby moccasins are without a doubt *the* cutest baby shoes out there. I got a pair for my niece Alba when she was around 2 and I vowed one day to get a pair for my own child. They’re pretty popular right now so you can find them almost anywhere! From target to etsy, the prices all range from $8 to $50 depending on who you purchase them from. I have chosen to post a pair from a little online boutique called Starry Knight Design because I mean, look at them! Though I get a lot of stuff for Savy from target I want to start branching out to small boutiques because target will always be there and these places need the most lovin right now during COVID! This little boutique has different colors to choose from, as well as a variety of other little baby shoes if you prefer to try something else! They run around $28 a pair because they are handmade, so maybe take that into consideration too! The way I see it, I want to get at least 1 nice pair for Savy and then have a some extra much cheaper shoes to use for most things. 


If I’m being honest, the more research I do on humidifiers, the more I get freaked out about them. I know they are incredibly helpful during cold and flu seasons, so I really want to consider getting one for Savannah’s room. My nose is always always dry in the winter nights so if it doesn’t work out for her room, I have zero problems putting it in our room! I think I would like to find one that also allows essential oils to be released, but I do know that it can clog the vent if you don’t clean it properly. I have found 2 that I’m really debating – one is cheaper and does not need a filter, while the other one has the most reviews and is ranked the highest, but requires a filter. I’m going to do more research before picking one but these are the top 2 right now!

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier White

Thermal curtains 

Like I said earlier, our house doesn’t have the best insulation, so we are going to work hard this winter to make sure Savannah’s room is kept at an appropriate temperature during those really cold nights! To do that, I’ve been researching some really good thermal/blackout curtains. It’s hard to weed out the ones that actually work vs. the ones where it just says “blackout” in the title. Blogs and reviews are my best tools right now and from what I can tell, these target ones are a really great deal and cover most of the bases for me. You do have the option of custom ordering blinds, but we aren’t quite there yet! The curtains she has in her room right now actually are black out curtains – something I didn’t realize when I originally purchased them for our kitchen! I just decided to try them out when I was finding ways to help her sleep better during nap time and they truly do black out the room! They aren’t the design I want for her room though, so I’m going to try these target ones out and compare them!


Since I became pregnant, I had always wanted to pick out a super special, meaningful, beautiful quilt for Savannah – something that was from me, to her. I have been looking here and there for months but I have had zero luck in finding that one special blanket. This quilt however, has come pretty darn close! It’s from the online boutique called Clementine Kids and its so beautiful – but sells out so darn quickly! I’m hoping I can catch it on their restock, but I will keep looking just in case!

what are some must have fall items you plan to get for your little?? I am always interested in anything new! Leave a comment below!💛