8 Simple Pleasures I do with My 6 Month Old

Having Savannah has been the biggest adjustment of my entire life. Everybody warns you that this will happen but you just don’t really know what that even looks like until you have your little one and then it crosses your mind that you have your teeth cleaning today that you scheduled 6 months ago, and that you also really need to stop by Home Depot afterwards to pick up that part for your toilet to make it stop running every time you use it, and you are dangerously low on coffee creamer so a stop at the store wouldn’t hurt. But it’s then that you think to yourself, “wait. Does it make sense to do all of this with Savannah? Does this all fall during her nap time or feeding time? Am I going to have to take her out of the car with me every time? Do I even want to take her into Home Depot during this pandemic?” For me, the answer is usually a no. Even if we weren’t in a pandemic, all you mama’s out there know how cumbersome it is to bring a baby in their car seat, with their diaper bag into any store or place with you, let alone 3 different places in one outing. So you learn as you go what excursions can include the little one and what ones are best done alone. Since I’ve been learning all of this through the pandemic, my options for taking her out have been preeeetty limited (which is actually kind of nice) but since I’ve been at home, I’ve had to learn to do everything with her. Literally.everything. Long gone are the spontaneous trips to Target or a cycling class for some me time – no, me time is me and Savannah time now. To insure that I don’t go crazy with this new adjustment, I’ve found small, simple pleasurable things I can do throughout the day that keeps me happy. Now, the things on my list are most likely not going to do it for you! And that’s absolutely fine! What I really hope this list does is just turn on that little lightbulb in your mind and pin points all of the small things you do intentionally or unintentionally that truly makes you happy in that moment – and utilize it! All of these things on my list were all done purposely because they make me happy, but it wasn’t until I wrote them all done together that I realized that I have slowly over the past 6 months created these small simple pleasures to use throughout my day to help me stay sane! I encourage you all to sit down and create a list too! You may be surprised at what you find 💛

  • Have my iPad playing a show that I know makes me feel good 

I like to have something light and easy on that I don’t need to sit down and stay tuned into. I know, I know they say watching too much TV is terrible for you, and while I agree! I also am willing to shove that notion into a deep deep corner of my mind because right now, in this part of my life, it makes me very very happy to have some fluff show on in the background. I really hate having silence surround me, I just can’t handle it, never could, it just makes me anxious. Our house has a pretty open concept feel to it so just having Netflix or Hulu playing from any room make it so I can hear the voices while I do whatever it is I need to do – and it feels good. I know some of you may be thinking “you have Savannah watch TV ALL DAY??” No, no! It’s just for me! I usually have the iPad up higher anyways so she can’t see! Plus, she is far more fascinated with her toes then my shows so until it becomes a problem, it’s not a problem in my book!

  • Thinking about how I want redo the house – 

While I know a lot of my wants for redoing the house may not happen, I honestly love to do this. Our house was built in the 70’s so while its pretty dated almost everywhere, all of the stuff that I feel need to be reworked are cosmetic. Savannah does NOT like to play by herself (something I’m currently working on…) and she gets bored pretty quickly so, when she starts to get fussy and wants to be moving, I pick her up and move around the house and find things I can do little projects! I either write it down or make mental notes and then when I get some free time, I go on pinterest and look up visuals on what I want to do and then try to find cost effective ways to do it! Right now I’m just on the “can I just paint it?” Stage, but I hope to graduate on to wallpaper and tiling in the next year! 

  • Baking something simple and quick

I love making the simple, quick single serve cookies I mentioned in this blog post because they don’t take long to make (at most an hour), I feel incredibly productive after, and I really enjoy the actual cookies! I just either post Savannah up in her bouncy chair with some toys and she just watches me move around the kitchen, or I put her in her high chair and she can play with some books and again just watches me move around the kitchen. There have been a couple of times she got super fussy while I was making them so I just put on our carrier and had her move around the kitchen with me! While she loved being so close and so high up to everything, she did not care for the hand held mixer.

  • Have a podcast running over a speaker 

TV may not be your thing, but have you tried podcasts? I have always loved listening to podcasts and since having Savannah, my tastes of definitely changed. I was hardcore on the true crime wave of podcasts, but now I seriously just cant stomach it, so I moved on to funnier ones that recap bachelor episodes, talk mom stuff, or just interviews people working in areas I never knew existed. My absolute favorite right now is Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess and they just talk ALL things mom life, all things bachelor, and interview the most amazing people – so basically everything I love all wrapped up into one! I just either turn my phone the loudest it can go and stick it in my pocket (I’ve tried headphones and Savannah just yanks them out every 5 seconds) or I turn on one of Trevs fancy speakers and plant that in the kitchen. Then, I can move all over the house and  do what I need to do and still hear! I do this so often that I called them “my friends” the other day to Trev and he wasn’t even phased!

  • Light a candle, make a cup of coffee, and scroll through Pinterest –

This has been my tried and true go to for literally years! It never fails to just light a candle, make a cup of coffee just the way I like it in my mug for the day, and either flipping through a magazine or Pinterest. This for me is an ideal morning! I have collected mugs for the better part of 10 years and I like to look through them each morning and pick one that makes me feel good in that exact moment. SO cheesy, I know! I’ve always been about the small, intentional moments and coffee mugs always do that for me. I don’t have a lot of spare moments throughout my day, so when I do I always try to balance them out with either getting something important done and doing something enjoyable and relaxing – scrolling through Pinterest or one of the 20 magnolia journal’s that I’ve gotten about half through is so enjoyable for me! It’s so simple and Savannah can be right there with me, either in my lap or on the ground playing with her toys. It can range anywhere from 5 minutes to 60, but I really try to absorb it when I can!

  • Going for a walk every morning –

 I’ve mentioned this before, but I try to go on a walk every morning with Savannah between 9:30am-10:30am to get some fresh air in our lungs and for me to get some movement in my body. When I had her in January, it was so common for us to spend literal days inside the house without leaving and since we are in a pandemic right now and its so easy to spend the majority of the day on the ground playing with her, I (sometimes force) us to go outside on a walk at least once a day. It also usually makes her fall asleep which is so nice!

  • Engage with the blogger community during her nap time

I love blogging and I have learned so much from the blogger community! It can be super hard though to find time to just sit and observe. During her naps I like to catch up on that time if I can – I’ll browse their Instagram pages, read any new blog posts they may have, watch any stories they have posted, and catch up on chats or comments! Instagram is my absolute favorite tool for this journey so that’s where I spend a lot of time engaging with the mom blogger community! It makes me happy to do this because they have so many answers to my questions and are just an overall great resource as a mother! I have said this from the beginning and I will continue saying it, the best resource I have found since having Savannah is other moms! 

  • Taking the time to stretch 

I have started stretching in the mornings because lets be real, yuh girls knees give out each and every time she get up and off the ground. Stretching each morning has just really helped my shoulders (where I keep all of my tension), my legs (so I can move around easier with her), and my arms (so they don’t hurt as much from the constant weight in my arms)! I also try to just calm my mind as much as possible – which usually lasts only a couple of minutes since I have Savannah right on the floor next to me. So, in those situations where mediation is short, It’s also a perfect time for me to get some active play time in! While I’m stretching out my legs I’ll get down on the ground and tickle her, or when I’m bending over to stretch my back, I’ll do peek a boo! She looves games at this age so it really does kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

While I know these things on this list won’t make every day easier, I know they are enough to get me through some hard moments! Do you have anything you can think of that makes you happy almost instantly? What are some tricks you’ve created while bing a mama to get you through those incredibly rough moments? We would love to hear!