A Detailed Check List of What to Pack for Your Baby on a Road Trip

I am so so excited to go on this trip! The last time I left Nebraska was last June when we took a mini road trip to Colorado. I was still in my first trimester, so I was extreeeemly nauseous the entire time – making for a not so fun trip. We had planned to take a couple different trips this summer, but with COVID we just decided to count our losses and wait for a time where we felt more comfortable and confident going with Savy. I have been wanting to go on a trip with Trev and Savannah since I felt comfortable leaving the house again (a fun little perk of postpartum) and I knew I wanted it to be a road trip, not incredibly far, and to somewhere we could do outdoor activities so Savannah could experience what its like to be somewhere outside other than our backyard. The BlackHills seemed like the perfect place to go! I’ve never been there, Trev has only been there once, and we could stop by Mount Rushmore and see the Crazy Horse (unfinished) monument – I am so excited to see something new and beautiful.  So, while I’m VERY excited for us to take this next step, my mind is racing with all of the things I need to figure out before we go – mainly, what do I need to pack for her?? So, after looking at countless blogs and going through what we use on a normal day, I’ve made a little list of what we are packing for Savannah! Now, I’m not necessarily an over packer, but I do believe in bringing juuust a little extra so I don’t have to buy anything while we’re gone – you know? So, I’ll do an update while we’re gone on what was a lifesaver and what was completely unnecessary, but for the list I’m going to ere on the side of caution and bring anything that I think will be useful/essential/helpful!

  1. Sunblock
  2. Bug spray
  3. Blankets – to wear in car and to play on in the hotel room
  4. Boppy? Haven’t decided on this one yet
  5. Portal Bassinet – the bassinet we used for Savy just happened to be a portable one and she hasn’t grown out of it yet so we’ll just use that!
  6. Diaper bag – I change what’s in my diaper bag pretty often based off of the needs for Savy that week! But these are always in my bag!
    • Wipes
    • Togo diaper/changing station
    • Muslin blanket
    • Socks
    • Hat
    • Pacifier – Savy loves to chew on these things right now
    • Car seat cover
    • extra onesie
    • plastic zip loc bag for diapers
  7. Car diaper bag – One of the blogs I looked at suggested this! I’m not sure if we’ll have room for it but not a bad idea if you don’t want to carry a ton of stuff between the hotel room and the car – or if you just want to keep it in your car at all times, even if you don’t go on a trip!
    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Plastic baggies to hold diapers
    • Portable Changing pad
    • Diaper rash cream 
  1. Stroller – since we got the stroller that just uses our car seat, we can just fold it up and bring it with us and its not that big of a deal!
  2. Ergo Baby carrier 
  3. Bedtime Stuff – one thing I read is that recreating the bedtime routine when you’re on a trip is a really good idea, so we’re going to really try to do that! We are only getting a one bedroom hotel room so it’s going to be a little hard, but I think we can make it work! We give her a bath every night so I’m going to bring all of that stuff for her!
    • Soap
    • Lotion
    • Wash cloth
    • Nose sucker
    • Saline solution
  4. Music machine – if I forget this, that’s ok! I have an app on my phone that I’ve used for her plenty of times so that will work! 
  5. Clothes
    • Pajamas – 4 pairs
    • Daily outfits – 4 pants, 4 long sleeve onesies, 4 short sleeve onesies
    • Shoes – little Fox slippers
    • North face fleece jacket
    • Sleep sack
    • PLENTY of diapers
  6. Baby food? 
    • Bibs
  7. Toys
    • Books!!!
    • Stuffed hedgehog
    • Rattle
    • Teething toys
    • Light up piano
    • Stacking rings
  8. Pump and bottle 
    • this was another tip I found from a blogger! I don’t normally feed her bottles because I have the ability to just feed her on demand, but you never know what’s going to help on the road! So, I’ll bring my pump and feed her a bottle if necessary while we drive!
  9. First aid kit – I have a survival pack in my car courtesy of my dad (good lookin out dad!), but I think it’s a good idea to have a first aid kit in the car too for you know, less apocalyptic events
  10. Baby Tylenol — Savannah has been teething on and off again so we’re bringing this just in case! I had heard that baby Motrin actually works better For that, but this is what we have on hand!

Ok that was a long list – pretty detailed – because that’s the kind of list I need when doing something I’ve never done before. Making these detailed lists not only helps me relax and feel more in control , but it really gets me excited to start whatever task I’m creating the list for! We leave tomorrow and I’m sure there will be last minute add ones that I will most likely regret later, but I just really want to be as prepared as I can! We are leaving at 1:00am tonight so that Savannah is sleeping in the car while we drive, so hopefully it works! She has been sleeping atrociously the past 2 nights so I’m crossing my fingers the car works its magic and keeps her asleep!

Anyways, what are your go to’s for road trips with your little ones? Did anything completely save your butt? Did I miss anything completely obvious on my list? I would love to hear any and all input! For those of you who are just starting out like me, hopefully this check list helps you out a little when you’re packing for your kiddos!

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