Hi, I’m Alex! I am 30 years old and currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my Husband, Trevor, and our baby girl, Savannah Bee. Both of whom you will get to know very well through this blog! To start things off, I thought I would say that I don’t have a career like most people do! Why bring that kind of awkward topic up? Because it’s at the epicenter of my story and why I started this blog! The truth is, no matter how hard I tried or how many odd jobs I worked, I never felt the calling for anything specific. I have always envied those who had though – to feel passion while doing something special and unique is actually quite rare if you think about it. While I do have a degree in English Literature (yikes! wish I’d been warned about that decision earlier), I never had that feeling with any job I got while using it. But then something changed! When I had Savannah, as dramatic as it sounds, I felt like my whole world opened up! It was navigating through my pregnancy, my days in the hospital after her birth, the first few weeks postpartum, and just everything up until now that made me realize I truly want to learn and help other women out there who can relate! I want to help them figure out what it means to be a mom in their world, to help them find different resources that might shed some light on seriously hard situations, and overall just informing all women out there that their lives can look and be anything they want it to! Just explore your options. Regardless of whether you want to have children, I think it is so important as a woman to know what your body is capable of and what that exactly means. Now is as good as time as any to take control of any insecurities we may have about talking about these topics, topics that should actually be open books to all of us! Am I right or am I right? Anyways, I’ll delve into these kinds of topics as I either think of them or encounter them in my life!

So that said, I want to begin this mom journey I’m on by getting to know all you mamas out there! My greatest resource when I was pregnant, and also these past couple of months postpartum, have been women who have actually had children – not books, tv, or even our pretty entertaining pediatrician. So if you have any questions about being a mom, answers to any of my questions, topics you think are worth exploring, or would like to offer just a simple piece of advice, I would love if you would just send a message to me here and we can chat. Lets start a dialogue here ladies!