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Baby Go-To’s

As nervous and somewhat scared of the unknown in how we will handle being parents to three littles, one comforting thing is that we have done this before and we can and will be more prepared for this one with all the things we will need and want for the new babe. I’m talking essentials, and a few things we haven’t been able to live without since having babies. I’ll be sharing old things and new things we realized we most def will need for round 3!

Oldies but goodies

Diaper Genie

there are tons of different types of diaper genies out there, but the trusty playtex baby diaper genie complete diaper system has been on my registry every time and has never failed me. It’s so easy to use, keeps odors in so no stinking up the kiddos bedrooms, has a foot pedal so no squishing the diaper down into the bag, no bending down and the reusable bags are cheap and so easy to use. 


these are a true lifesaver, both of my kiddos loved to be swaddled…(they didn’t really have a choice) and I went through them like crazy. My biggest mistake was not keeping more on hand. These helped soothe my littles and helped them fall asleep and stay asleep. The swaddleme original swaddle wraps are a must for any new mama, so easy to use, and no need to spend up to hundreds on swaddles, these are simple and do the job just as good. Keeps the baby wrapped up, and helps with the startle reflexes that can easily wake up the baby. So cozy, and really helped my littles in those early newborn stages especially. 


Both my kiddos slept in bassinets until they were able to roll over and we graduated them to their cribs around 4-5 months. Up until then they slept right next to mama and dada in a bassinet. The original bassinet evie girl slept in they don’t make anymore but I did use that with Harrison for a little while until we switched him to the halo bassinest swivel sleeper. I did like it, but for this babe we wanted something a little less bulky and more simple because we are going to plan on moving her sooner than 5 months to her own room into a crib. Having a bassinet bedside for those wakings in the night to feed and change diapers is so nice. Definitely if you are breastfeeding, having a bassinet bedside so you don’t have to go far to grab the baby is easy and helps with how tired you will feel. We found the baby trend quick-fold 2 in 1 rocking portable bassinet this time! I love how simple it looks, having the storage on the bottom for diapers, wipes, creams, and extra onesies is so vital, and how easy it seems to move around and pack up if we ever needed to take it on the go. 

Newbies for baby # 3


This was the first thing recommended by my sister-in law (mama of 4) that we buy when we found out I was preggo. I didn’t even know what a playard was or that they even existed until now. We shortly realized this was going to be one of the more important things to add to our list, especially being a stay at home mom w/ 3 kiddos and one being 1 years old still when the baby will be born. Having one of these will be so important in those early stages when I want to be able to be in the same room with all the kiddos and I can put the baby down to sleep during the day or if I need to tend to one of my other littles and set baby down without them being attacked by our sweetie boy harrison. A playard has 3-4 pieces to it, the portable play pen, dreamcentre, bassinet and changing table. All together in one spot with allll the things to make me feel better about putting the baby down without being messed with. This is going to make my life so much easier I can already tell! We are looking at getting the ingenuity dream comfort smart and simple playard.

Hands free breastpump

This has been something I’ve been researching and looking into a lot this pregnancy. I knew I wanted to upgrade from my old breast pump (which I’ve had for 5 years and used for both evie and harrison) but once I saw how much a hands free breast pump was a no brainer and worth it to get… I’m not going back on this one. After you birth a baby your body is already so exhausted and adding the time and effort to pump was just so much work for me as i’m sure a lot of moms. I had to make sure I had an outlet available and could sit in one spot for 10-30 min straight while I pumped. It was so inconvenient at times and kind of a drag to do on top of everything else. Becoming a mom to three I knew I needed things to make this whole transition easier and better for everyone. Having a hands free pump will make it possible for me to pump whenever, wherever, while I’m tending to other kiddos, while I do dishes, laundry, or when I have to run an errand. This was non-negotiable. I told my hubby and he agreed! I’m pretty excited for this one! I’ve decided I’m most likely going with the elvie pump

I thought I was going to really have everything I needed and felt fully prepared for this baby until my husband and I began talking about how it was going to be with three kids and realized we may need some stuff that we hadn’t thought of before. I am so blessed and thankful I’m at a time in my life where I am able to provide for this baby 100%. Having other mama friends to get advice from has been so helpful on this pregnancy journey and we are so looking forward to this next chapter and are feeling pretty confident lately about taking all this on. Can’t wait to continue to share more about our last and finale family member coming into this world 🙂