To Be Honest...

Bringing Intentional Living into Our Home

I don’t know what its been the past couple of days, I’ve felt this uncontrollable urge to purge through our house. Maybe it’s the election causing me large amounts of anxiety (raise your hand if you have been personally offended by this election✋🏼) or maybe its because Savannah is officially transitioning in the next stage of her development and I am boxing away all of her tiny summer baby clothes *sobbing* and purchasing her size 12m winter clothes (which I’m actually THRILLED about because I thrive in winter clothes) but something this week is getting me antsy. But its not just about purging our home of items and things that we are no longer using, its about becoming more thoughtful and intentional with our time and our home and what we choose to bring into it and what we choose to surround ourselves with. 

Since I’ve started being a stay at home mom, I’ve noticed that I’ve become pretty addicted to online shopping – big surprise there. I would walk around the house all day and daydream about all of the changes I would make and all of the home décor I wanted to buy and place in each corner of each room. Now that’s not a bad thing at all! Wanting to create a home that’s filled with fun and cute decorative pieces is hardly a new or crazy concept, but over the years I have become quite the object collector – let me explain. Whenever my friends or family had furniture, clothes, or home décor pieces that they no longer wanted but didn’t really feel like selling online or taking to a donation site, I became their go to for salvaging. While everything they’ve gifted me is incredibly generous and I am thrilled to accept – my home and wardrobe has become quite the hodgepodge of different styles. I’m learning that its super easy to fill a home with unwanted items, but its pretty difficult (and time consuming) to be intentional about what you bring into your home. I’m very much the type that likes to have a complete home from top to bottom, I don’t have the patience or discipline to sit and think about what I want to fill each space with, so I just take whatever is closest to me and put it on the walls and on shelves – but I really want to change that. I want to think about what I want each room to feel like – I know I know that sounds weird, but hear me out! Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted my home to feel like the my childhood bedroom that was essentially a safe haven for me. I would spend all of my free time in there and so over the years, I had created this special, comforting little sanctuary for myself where I knew I could always return to when the outside world became too much for me. So, when I moved into my very first apartment that was literally 250 square feet, I immediately set out to transform that average sized bedroom room with a bathroom to smell and feel just like my old room. And so it went on from apartment to apartment to our current house. Trev and I had accumulated so many things over the years that we were able to fill our entire 4 story house from top to bottom easy. But it feels kind of chaotic and unfinished at the same time. So, over the past couple of months I have sat down in each room and really thought about what I want that space to feel and look like. Some rooms are meant to be private – just for us to use to decompress and retreat to – while the rest of the house I want to be an inviting, open haven for anybody and everybody. I’m not sure when or even if we will be able to do all the things I’m thinking to our house, but I’m going to take you through what I’ve been thinking!

Our living room has this amazing open concept with our kitchen, but our kitchen feels chaotic and messy and I never know how to store all of our every day use items on the counters . I hope to fix this little problem by putting up some wooden floating shelves right above the counters and possibly over the stove. Their isn’t a lot of space on either side and we currently have our microwave floating above the stove (I’m not sure how they got it connected…) but I’m wanting to get a smaller microwave and creating some pretty shelves and maybe some more baskets to go on them would help create storage space and alleviate some of the mess that’s currently clustered all over our counter! I want to create a little area that’s just for Savannah’s stuff – her dishes, silverware, baby food, bibs, etc. and maybe these shelves could be that! I am thinking this all out as I’m writing but I’m not gonna lie, I’m likin how this is looking in my mind!

Next space I would love to tackle is our extra bedroom on the upper level. We originally had it as Trevor’s office/closet space, but he felt to secluded in there during the day (precious!) so we moved him to the downstairs where its nice and open and he can see Savannah and Ghost as often as he’d like! We moved my desk into that room and he still has his clothes in the closet, but we want to transform that room into something more practical and not just a storage room. We have 2 options! 1) Savannah’s new room if we have another baby! We would love to have more babies so if we are able to, we would ideally move Savannah into that room, and move the baby into Savannah’s current room because it has the nice (well, it used to be nice..) carpet! This is my *ideal* situation because yay for babies! But if another baby isn’t in the cards for us, we would love to make it into my office/family library! I would want to repaint the walls because the color I chose last year turned into this pretty awful white with grey undertones and it really brings out the yellow in the parkay flooring (which I’m not crazy about…) so I would want to get an amazing large rug for the room too, different wall color, (I’m thinking something darker – more unique) and some beautiful tall bookshelves. We really like to thrift furniture but I’m not sure if I want to do mix matched bookshelves. It could be kind of cool or it could look exactly what I’m trying to steer away from – hodge podgey. Either way, I want it to be a room with a calming energy where I can work and Trev can read.

So, those are just a couple of spaces in our house that I really want to spend some time and rework what we have now to create a more intentional, inviting space. I want to work on decluttering both spaces and just having minimal utensils. In the kitchen, I want to make use of the space we have but also create some more with an easy and minimal look but still with color and the floral print that I love so much. Floating shelves are super popular right now and I’m absolutely here for it! They create extra space with a minimal approach and best of all, they are an easy and super affordable DYI project! I really hope this is something we can do either this winter or spring, so keep your eyes peeled!

What are some ways you you have or would like to be more intentional with in your home? Are you a little bit of a collector of all things random like me? Or do you just have a hard to deciding on anything so you don’t even know where to begin? I would love to hear your perspective on this subject and what you would like to do to remedy it!