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Every Day Essentials For Your Little Ones

One really awesome thing about having baby number two has been that I’ve done this before. So up until the age of 5 I kinda know what i’m doing…haha kinda. Since having babies and my friends having babies, I have gotten a lot of questions about what products I use for the baby, or what kind of diapers we like, to what are some must haves on a registry and so on. I have absolutely loved being that person to suggest things, say what worked for us, what I didn’t really like and what has helped with both babies. Every baby is different and all parents are different, so not every product or baby item is going to work for everyone. So this week I figured it would be fun to share some things that are a must to always have on hand and products that have worked for my kiddos that I have used daily and religiously. 

  • Bath/Lotions/Creams/Etc.
  1. Cetaphil Shampoo and body wash ($4.99 – $8.99) and Baby Bum Shampoo and Wash ($11)
  2. Both really great body washes that I use for both kiddos. Cetaphil is def the fav here, it’s tear free hypoallergenic and so gentle for baby’s skin. It’s also the one my pediatrician always recommends especially for sensitive skin, which both my kiddos have, but Harrison has eczema so this is really good for him. I also really enjoy the baby bum because one of my favorite things is that it is fragrance free which my doctor says is the way to go for any type of skin that is really reactive and gets rashes easily and dry patches. You never want to put anything on your child’s skin that is going to irritate it. Both great washes, both pediatricians recommend, great price points, and have helped my kids skin. 
  • Cloud Island fragrance free lotion ($8) and Cloud Island fragrance free diaper cream ($8)

Let me tell you, this brand and these two products have become life savers. The lotion is so amazing for my son’s skin since he has such sensitive skin, it’s so moisturizing, smells so good for a fragrance free product, it’s organic, nothing artificial and the price you really can’t beat. The diaper cream (besides aquaphor) has helped more than I thought. Harrison had some pretty gnarly diaper rashes from trying out different diapers, to having poops that created a rash on his booty for days. This works within minutes I swear! It has plant based ingredients, and all the same goodness as the lotion. These two are a must have for me and my family on hand, all the time. 

  • A+D ($5) Honest face and body lotion in lavender ($10)

The a&d, this stuff is it sis! Also used for diaper rash, this stuff is an amazing barrier for you little ones bum, or any part of the skin that is cracked, chapped, or a rash has gotten so bad that it creates a cut or scrap, which I have dealt with both unfortunately. It’s so calming, and pain relieving for any rash or cut. I always have this hand, I actually keep one downstairs and one upstairs so I always have one right there available. Now for body lotions I put on the kids, I try to stay away from fragrance because that could totally cause more irritation to their skin. I tried this honest lotion and even though I loved it and it made my kiddos smell sooo yummy I noticed it wasn’t really the best for us because the fragrance in it caused Harrison to have a slight rash on his tummy. So I keep it on hand to hopefully use at some point or just use on me for now 🙂 

  • Baby Bum Everyday Lotion (fragrance free) ($10) and Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Balm ($19)

Another great lotion, no bad ingredients, great for sensitive skin, no fragrance. Another great price point. The aveeno balm was def on the pricey side  but so worth it! You get a ton of product and a little goes a long way because it’s so thick. This is great to lather on all over after I have applied other lotions. It really just seals everything in and is so gentle on the skin. 

  • Diapers/Wipes
  • Pampers Pure protection diapers and Seventh Generation sensitive protection diapers

I am one of those parents who has literally tried everything…well at least every option you can get from target. The diaper that is tried and true and has worked best for us is pampers pure. Their diapers are great, the brand is great and i’m just really glad they came out with the pure line. On occasion we use the seventh generation brand, but that has only been in a bind. 

  • Kirkland Signature baby wipes

The wipes we have grown to love are the big ass box from Costco (all hail Costco) the price is amazing, and the wipes are gentle and have never caused any reaction or irritation. ( I also like the seventh generation brand of wipes too, I always keep a backup of those on hand. They are super moist which I love and gentle)  

Other things I always keep on hand for the kiddos!

  • Baby and children’s tylenol – for helping with the aftermath of getting shots, to fevers, and to all the sleepless nights relieving their pain from teething. 
  • Vicks baby rub with lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus – great for when the little ones are stuffy, and have a cold. I rub it on their chest, feet, and sometimes a little under their nose. 
  • Gas relief drops – these help in the early stages, but so great to have on hand cause you never know when that problem could arise again. 
  • Little Remedies saline spray/drop – this stuff is great because it’s non-medicated and even safe on newborns. It relieves sinus pressure, and helps with stuffiness. 
  • Always have a nose sucker – whether is the nosefrida or the old school syringe, this helps so much when the kiddos are super stuffy and can’t blow their noses on their own. 
  • Camilia Borion teething treatment – these drops have been a lifesaver during these teething months. These rocks! They temporarily relieve teething symptoms, irritability and painful gums. We have given these to Harrison religiously since he started teething a few months ago and he loves them. 
  • Pedia lax – helps with constipation, which occurs way more in kids around the age of 5. So a must have right now with our Evie girl. 
  • Children’s Benadryl – this stuff is a must! You never know when your kid could have a reaction or need relief for when its allergy season. 
  • Lolleez Organic throat soothing pops – these things are awesome and taste so good! These have helped so much when Evie has had a sore throat! The flavors are great too!
  • Humidifier – we have two of these, because these are amazing for when the kiddos have a cold to keep going at night or during naptime. They help so so much! I like to add a drop of tea tree or eucalyptus!

So like I said, these are things that have worked for MY KIDS, I have done a lot of trial and error. I have done research, I’ve asked my family, and always talk to our pediatrician. Here’s my thing, you don’t need the most trendy or expensive things, there are so many amazing products that are safe and effective that truly work! I don’t base what products we use or diapers/wipes we buy off of what’s “cool” or whats “trendy”  that’s ridiculous. I buy what works, I buy what works best for my kiddos. In the end that’s what this is all about. It’s about them, what helps them, what soothes them, and what calms them. I am always wanting to make sure my kids are happy, healthy and well taken care of. It’s not about what I want or prefer, the minute your babies are here outta your belly your life changes COMPLETELY. Or it should anyway… nothing has been the same since having babies and that’s been one of the best parts about becoming a mama. I get to experience life in a whole new world, through my kids eyes. And I will do anything to make them feel better! I love taking care of my family and as parents that means putting that before anything. And by doing that I gain true happiness, self satisfaction, growth and I get to experience a love I never knew existed or have ever felt before.