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Folks – Savannah’s Almost 10 Months Old!

I have written so much about the trials being a new mom has brought to my life and how its completely changed my perspective on how I want to move forward, well, living! But this week I really wanted to take a moment and talk about all of the wonderful things my little Savannah does that makes me in complete awe of being her mother. There are so many little details to her personality that are beginning to emerge as she continues to grow, things that I find myself looking forward to seeing each day when I pick her up from her crib, share my yogurt with her that was meant to be my breakfast, snuggle with her on the floor while watching cooking shows before her first nap, and kissing her a million times on the cheek before I lay her down in the crib for her first nap – and then doing it all over again when she wakes up. She is single handedly one of the most challenging, enlightening, inconsistent, beautiful child I have ever been around – and I am so dang excited that I get to be her mom on this earth. 

I knooow you’re dying to hear about all of the little things our Savannah Bee has started doing since shes about to hit the 10 month mark in just 6 days! Here are the high points:

  • She can army crawl! I swear it looks like shes swimming on the carpet and it’s one of the CUTEST things I’ve ever seen. She moves super dang fast too so I’m always on the ground with her, making sure I don’t miss a beat!
  • She WAVES! If you look at her and say “Hi Savannah!!!” And wave – she does a little pageant style wave back! And if you say “Bye Savannah!!!” She does the exact same thing except with a BIG smile *sobbing* its so so cute
  • She can pull herself up!!! So this is a new thing shes really gotten the hang of this weekend, but she can’t do it with everything! But shes learning to balance her weight better and use her arms and legs more! Yesteryear, she literally pulled herself up while sitting on the couch and then just propped herself against the cushions and just chilled while looking out the windows – like it was her favorite pastime or something! So cute.
  • She can pick things up and move them around – with purpose. I don’t know why but she was very set on removing all of the pieces of candy we had in a bowl In the living room the other day, and when I tried to put them all back in – she legitimately starred at me for a second, and started removing them all again. I definitely felt like she was super annoyed with me and so I just left her to do her thing – until she started shoving some in her mouth of course which I then had to end that fun little game. But it was fascinating to see her so focused!
  • She has 2 little teeeeth! It’s really been awful dealing with it though if I’m being honest…our pediatrician had always told us that babies really aren’t teething until you actually see teeth, and in my mind I was like, “that’s insane – everyone keeps saying Savannah has been teething since she was 3 months old!” But I’m here to concede, he is absolutely right. There is no comparison! She nurses what feels like every 20 minutes while shes awake, and has been waking up every 2.5 hours in the night to nurse. Tylenol doesn’t work and Motrin is our next attempt – but its truly hard! But those 2 little chompers pushing through in the front – they are so precious to us! 
  • Probably my favorite thing that she does though is she’ll sit right next to me and be distracted by the TV – she will then just gently without really realizing it, grab my arm with both of her arms and just kind of massage it while looking at the TV (yeah, I know its hoooorrible I’m letting her get distracted by cooking shows on the food network but some days I just need her attention away from my boobs – especially these past 2 weeks) then after doing that for a little while, she’ll learn over and *kiss* my arm. My heart has never burst more than these little moments – they’re so so tender and so incredibly sweet, it makes me feel so grateful that I get to witness her growing in these exact moments and seeing glimpses of “Savannah” is going to be. And I think shes going to be a sweet, sweet little girl 💛

I really truly thought I’d be incredible at documenting all of her milestones and firsts – but I’ve royally sucked. Truly, I have a book and everything for her first year but the only thing that’s managed to make its way into it are her hospital bracelets that read “Alexandria Roberts FEMALE” because we didn’t name her until we were literally leaving the hospital. But – I have been posting on this blog since she was about 3 months old so I think that’s been a fair compensation! It’s also been so wonderful because I’m really awful at remembering the little stuff – but I can, and often do, use these posts and pictures to go back and just reminisce. I’ve never been the type to do that, I don’t really care to dwell in my past because I’ve always wanted things to change – but now? Now, it makes me so proud and so incredibly happy to see her grow, and change, and just become!