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Harrison’s Milestones in His First Year of Life

So we recently celebrated a birthday in our house, Harrison turned 1! Which is crazy to think it’s been that long already with our little buddy. It feels like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital with him being only a few days old. Time is flying, and I’m a true believer that when it feels that way that your life is going just as planned. That things are good, and you are living your life to the fullest. My kids are getting older and I’m getting older, and life has been so good to us because of our outlook and faith. So with Harrison turning one it really got me thinking of all his milestones that he has hit as he neared one, some that he hasn’t quite got the hang of yet, and allllll that happened in between. 


So one of the first major milestones i can remember was being able to grip onto things, being a newborn (between the 0-3 months stage) i didn’t want to over stimulate harrison too much with toys as his world was already pretty stimulated enough with being born out into the world and not safe and sound in mommy’s tummy. So in those early months it was a lot of eye contact making, and oohs and ahhs, smiling extra big and singing. To help with grip I would just have him hold onto my hands or a finger, letting him really lead and try to grasp onto me. I didn’t want to hold toys out constantly in his face, when a baby gets too over stimulated they can get very cranky and upset. It’s hard not to want to jump right in and show them all the toys we have for them but sometimes slow and steady wins the race. 

The next big milestone (between the 3-5 month mark) I can remember was rolling over, which he started to try and do by himself around the 3 ½ – 4 month mark. So by the end of 4 months he was a pro roller over! I feel like this happened and he tried on his own a lot because we would leave him on the ground when he was awake for him to be able to look around, maybe see where we were, and watch sissy play. We also did tummy time everyday with him, even if it was for 5 min. Once he got better at lifting his neck we would prop a little pillow under him so he could prop up on his arms by himself and learn how that felt. And if i didn’t put that child down once in a while i was never going to the bathroom, making dinner or cleaning! Haha sooo he may have cried a few times but after doing that for days, and then weeks, he would get used to being there. I totally feel like that helped him be independent enough to start to move and roll on his own, knowing we were right there he felt safe to do so. So that’s how our little buddy got around he would just roll and roll and roll until he would be in a totally different spot or even room then where we had put him down originally. 

Next big milestone, (between 5-7 month mark) was trying baby food and becoming a speed crawler! Baby Food was introduced to H around the 6 month mark, we started with really simple things and just a little bit, not too much. We really wanted to see what he liked the most! And once we found those favorites we would keep on that so he would eat and get used to being spoon fed. Which was pry super confusing for him since all he knew was breastfeeding up until that point. But man, he got the hang of it and we learned carrots were a total favorite! He would down a whole jar in one sitting, we were so happy and proud that he enjoyed it! That was the main thing for us, being able to open his mouth to take a bite and just really enjoy this new fun way to get food. As months went on we introduced more options and came up with our own mixtures to up his calorie intake and get him used to other tastes. 

Ok, so crawling. It started off with him army crawling to get around, and pushing off the ground with both feet….lol which was so funny and cute to watch. He absolutely loved to move around, and a few weeks of that led to being able to crawl. Seeing him crawl everywhere and how happy he was doing it was the best. It’s like he knew he had accomplished something amazing and wanted to do it all the time. And once he found the stairs that was allllll he wanted to do, crawl up our stairs over and over, reach the top and race down the hallway. 
Next, (between 7-10 months) he started pulling himself up, and he would use anything to do so! the tv stand, the couch or even us! he’d try to walk while holding on or letting go and taking a step or two before he plopped down. We never tried to walk while holding his hands or put him in a jumpy or walker for more than like 5 minutes, he just wasn’t super interested. It’s like no, he was gonna do this all on his own! He always has been determined and maybe that’s why he took such an independents when it came to hitting the walking milestone. He’d always try over and over again, and pull himself back up to give it another go. Around the 10 month mark our little guy was full on walking (almost running) and he loved it. 

The last major milestone I recall (between 10-12 months) was learning to say things and waving goodbye and hello. He says dada, mama, and bye bye now and it all started by us just saying goodbye, waving and saying hello. It’s so crazy how a baby’s mind is such a sponge and can soak up so much in a short amount of time. We ask him “where’s dada?” or sissy or mama, and he will go find whoever we say, sometimes point, or sometimes go in for a hug or tackle. Oh he also gives kisses if you ask, which melts my freaking heart every time! You can just see his brain working all the time, looking out the window at the trees, animals and people walking by. Watching his sissy dance, watching mama cook, and pointing and wanting to be held to see what we’re doing. 

There are soooo many other little milestones that have happened, but if i named every single one we’d be here for awhile…lol so i figured i’d share just some major ones or at least the ones i can recall right now. I’m glad we went about milestones how we did, I wouldn’t change a thing. He seemed to be always taking everything in, watching and learning. The milestones our babies reach at certain ages are sometimes hard to not constantly be thinking of. But how we’ve decided to parent and deal with milestones our kids go through is letting them decide when they are ready. Not forcing anything on them if they don’t seem ready, or rushing anything. Because every baby is different, every baby reacts differently to the environment in which they are growing up in and how their parents are choosing to parent them. Every baby will reach those milestones at different times when they are ready, not when we are ready. They will get to those milestones and once they do we should take the time to praise them, be there to encourage whatever it is they are achieving for the first time. Why rush such vital parts of our little ones’ journey of growth? We are there to support, teach, love, protect and care for them during all stages of life. I’m beyond blessed with what I get to do everyday and be present for these milestones I have helped create for my littles.