His + Her Gifts Under $35

Christmas presents are really thought out in this family! While Trev and I really love to go all out on each other presents, combining stuff we know each other likes with stuff we *think* each other will like, we just go with the flow and have fun picking random things out! For family and friends however, we really try to stop and think about their personality, their likes, where they currently are in their lives, and anything else significant we can think of. But not gonna lie, sometimes (ok, a lot) we get pretty stumped on finding unique, fun and useful presents after so many years of buying for the same people – you know what I mean? Well, since COVID has hit, I have spent quite a bit of time online so I have been able to come up with some really unique (heads up, I use this word a lot on this post 😂) and awesome products that I really think a lot of people would like! All under $35! In a time where money is tight for a lot of us, being intentional with where it goes is honestly very important right now and we don’t want to buy a present just for buying sakes – you know? So, in my oh so humble opinion, I hope you enjoy this pretty cool His + Her Gifts under $35!


  1. $30 Engraved Phone Case

This phone case from Swanky Badger (love this site btw) is such a great little gift! It’s pretty snazy and you can personalize it with their name or initials for free, and add a little message in the inside of the cover for $7 extra if you like! This site has quite a few fun gifts like this too so I’d Check them out!

2.  $20 Arrowhead Sky T-Shirt

Little Mountain print shoppe is a local shop that I just discovered and I’m obsessed with their designs! They have loads of unique, beautiful  designs that are on comfy t-shirts *and* flannels – all under $30! This shirt in particular is only $20 and is the softest material. Always awesome when you can support local!

You can find the shirt here!

3. $14 Chill Beer Adventure Vest

So I’ve been discovering a lot of little online stores lately (surprise surprise am I right?) and on site that I just love combing through is called uncommon goods. They have *the* cutest, unique items that I have ever seen – and a lot of them are from individual sellers – which is awesome! They have quite a few amazing koozies, this coming from a person who see zero purpose for koozies, that I just have to put one of them on here! Every time I look at these, I just die laughing. Not gonna lie, a lot of the really good ones are on back order or sold out, but this adventure vest in Khaki is still available! Snag it while you can!

You can find the koozie here!

4. $18 With You I’m Home Print

This is another great find on Uncommon Goods! I love this print and its actually done by artist Rachel Kroh ( I love that they give recognition to her in the bio) and I think this print could be used to add some warmth to any at home offices that may have been thrown together at the beginning of the pandemic! Also, I think its high time we acknowledge and encourage all the men out there to tap into their sentimental side! 

You can find the print here!

5. $19 Smartwool Socks

Ok. I know you see that price for some socks and more than likely think heck. No. But hear me out – Trevor was gifted these socks from my brother in law a couple years ago and they are legitimately the best socks *we* have ever worn! I steal them alllll the time and they are not only incredibly warm, they feel so light on your feet. I think the sock industry has seriously been underestimated, folks.

You can find the socks here!


  1. $34 Homesick Candles

Ok, so these candles are actually pretty dang cool. Each state is curated into their own uniquely scented candle and I think its one of the coolest things you can get – especially when we are all being forced to distance ourselves from the places we love most. It does look like the Nebraska candle is on backstock until January, but I think it could be worth the wait!

You can find the candle here!

2. $25 Skin Renewing Masks

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m pretty obsessed with uncommon goods! I want to try and stay away from the stereotypical his + her gifts but I’m not gonna lie, this face mask set is so stinking cool, I might just buy them for myself! You can choose between the charcoal detox set or the glow set, both of which come with 5 little vials of organic ingredients that you mix together yourself – which is so awesome because you fully know what’s going on your face – but besides that, they are so aesthetically pleasing to they eyes! So cool!

You can find the masks here!

3. $34 Rose Gold  Lace Choker

This dainty little choker is so simple and beautiful, you cant really go wrong with this as a gift! If you know your special lady likes jewelry but you have zero clue where to look, Made by Mary is a special little online store that sells quality jewelry for reasonable price! 

You can find the necklace here!

4. $12.50 – $32 Madewell Bandana’s

Madewell bandanas are staples in a wardrobe! Not only are they all so incredibly beautiful, they are so so soft and add the perfect touch to any outfit! They have so many different options too! From singles for $12.50, to a 2 pack for $22.50, and a 3 pack for $32! If you are little more intimidated with the different options, maybe the value pack is a good option!

You can find the bandanas here!

5. $24 Game of Thrones Poster

Ok, I don’t care how the series ended, game of thrones is still one of *the* best shows in television history and these posters made from the Etsy shop DreamMachinePrints are honestly amazing.  They are so so beautiful and if  you don’t think she cares for game of thrones (but like, lets be real, that’s not likely..) they have other famous movies, shows, etc. as beautiful posters as well!

You can find the print here!

Don’t forget – there are plenty of local nonprofits and organizations that absolutely need our help this giving season too! If you don’t find anything on this list that strikes your fancy for your significant other, family or friends, I highly encourage thinking of donating to one of them in their name instead!

What are some presents you plan on getting for your family and friends? We would love to hear all of your ideas in the comments below!💛🌲

📸 Joslyn Schmutte