Hutch Reno: It’s Finally Done!

Ok, so in the spirit of all honesty, I finished painting the hutch *a very long time ago* I would love to blame the holidays and Savannah’s first birthday on why I haven’t done an update on it, but really – I was just procrastinating. I did the whole process in chunks and while it did make for much easier days, because I did not do it all consecutively with a schedule set I set for myself, it was so incredibly easy to “take a day off” and then have that day turn into almost 2 months! AHH. Anyways, just one more thing that I learned going forward – stay on track and don’t take any days off until the piece is done – for me anyways!

So, I’m going to take you through all of the different areas that I wanted to focus on while doing this Hutch and A) let you know what I did, and B) was it worth all the research and specifics! Basically, this whole experiment was to see if the cost of doing all of these extra steps and purchasing the more expensive paint actually made a difference. 

Here are my previous 2 blog posts if you would like a quick refresher before we dive into all of my final thoughts!

Paint + Color + Technique

Overall Recommendations: Yes to the pricey paint and use of foam rollers and paint brush! 

The color I decided to use was Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams and I used their Acrylic Latex paint. I absolutely love love this color and it goes so well with the rug we have in that room. I also added my favorite DIY wallpaper pictures I originally had in Savannah’s room to that area and it really brings out the color of the hutch! The type of paint was recommended to me by the staff member because it’s specifically made for furniture. They don’t normally sell Sherwin Williams paints at Home Depot or Lowes so if you would like to use their specific paint (which I highly recommend the splurge) you will have to find either a smaller local paint store or one of the Sherwin Williams stores. There is a Sherwin Williams paint store 5 minutes away from me, which was a nice surprise, so I just went there! They were having a sale at that time too (which I have noticed they do often so it’s not a bad idea to wait until they do to buy anything) so I received 30% off the paint and all paint supplies I purchased from them – I loooove a good discount.  

While I did buy some supplies from Home Depot already, at this point I had already done the primer and it was clear the quality of the foam roller just wasn’t up to par. So, while I was there I purchased 2 of their mini foam rollers and a soft bristled paintbrush from them, which I have to say, if you are going to start painting furniture investing in a good paintbrush ( make sure you clean it properly thought!) is 100% worth it.  This paintbrush is like magic! It was definitely a little more expensive than my typical Home Depot paintbrush set, but there was such a noticeable difference. I still have it and have used it multiple times since, which I normally have to throw them out immediately after! I have linked one of the paintbrushes from the Sherwin Williams store but Im not sure if this is the specific one I got – I just know this is the brand! Same goes for the mini small rollers!

What is my overall reaction to the paint quality and color? Absolutely love it! I can definitely tell the quality is so much smoother and creamier than the other paints I have used. Is it more expensive? Sadly, yes! But, if you are wanting to create a quality piece I would go for the better brand! I would also love to try Benjamin Moore paint because I’ve heard so many good things about them. 


 Overall Recommendation: Yes to cleaning, sanding, and the use of actual primer!

This step was pretty pivotal. Because of the professional paint that was originally used on the Hutch, just painting on top of it wouldn’t work simply because it would just slip off. So the cleaning, the sanding, and the actual primer all made a significant differences for this specific piece and I definitely recommend! Let’s dive into specifics!


I used a spray called Krud Kutter that was minimally toxic and really cut through any visible and invisible dirt that was all over the hutch. It is important to clean the surface before hand because when people say dirt sticks to paint, they seriously aren’t kidding! So I thoroughly cleaned the hutch just using an old wash cloth that I didn’t care about using in the house anymore.

Sanding + Cleaning

Just like the cleaning, this was so so important! The blog I found gave me a good recommendation for the type of sand paper to use, but it wasn’t very specific on when to use either – let me explain. I purchased 180- Fine Grit sandpaper and medium 120 grit sandpaper. Since I didn’t know when to use either, I started with the Fine grit sandpaper and let me tell you, while it got the job done, it definitely took a long time and a lot of sandpaper! It wasn’t until I was done sanding and doing the first coat of primer that I realized when I was supposed to use the Fine vs. the Medium grit. So, when you are initially sanding down the furniture, use the medium grit. After you sand, and then wipe down the surface using a Tak Cloth  To get all of the residue off (also an extremely important step!) then you can do your first coat of primer. It’s after that primer dries that you want to go over with the Fine grit sandpaper to smooth out the lumps and bumps that may have dried under that primer. Makes perfect sense once you are doing it but oddly very confusing before, you know?


Before this project, I had only used primer once on a piece of furniture and it took so long, I decided to never do it again. While I’m not sold that it needs to be used all the time, for this specific piece that had a thick gloss over the entire piece of furniture, it was so important to use! There are a million different kinds you can get, ranging from $25-$75 so, I decided to go for the $25 one, just to try it out. I used the brand Killz Original and it is a much thicker consistency than regular paint so you gotta really shake it up before using. From what I learned, there are 2 different purposes for primer. The first is to create a foundation for the actual paint color to lay on, making it easier to apply that main coat. The second is to help protect that paint from chipping or otherwise damage. There is the type of paint that has primer inside of it but from what I have been told, it doesn’t perform the same job as actual primer.  


I hate to say it, but I’m not quite finished with the accents 😭 I ordered the knobs and have them on the hutch, but I miscalculated how many I actually needed and I am 1 short! GAH. I put them on anyways and will post pictures of it on here, but I plan to purchase another little batch and just using the remainder on my bathroom cabinets! I decided to go with a hexagon shaped knobs that I found on amazon! I know, Amazon really wasn’t my first choice! I went everywhere, and I mean every.where. But no stores carry dresser knobs anymore! They sell them online, but they don’t have very many options and they are really expensive. So, I found exactly what I wanted on amazon and they arrived really quickly. I gotta say, they are actually really excellent quality too! Super smooth edges and incredibly sturdy! I wanted to keep Savannah in mind when purchasing knobs because I know her little hands will be all over them sooner or later and I didn’t want any sharp edges cutting those little fingers! In the future I will do a little more research on where I can find knobs and have them ready to go once the paint is all dried! But I really do love the way they look, super funky! Adding some modern with a very classic piece of furniture!

The last thing I want to do is wallpaper inside of the drawers! My sister has actually done this before so I’m going to consult with her on how to do it seamlessly, but I think this will be a project for the spring time! I have a lot of projects I want to do in the spring – including painting the entire lower level of our house. The room that we’ve placed this hutch in actually! I have no idea what color we want to do yet but I will keep you updated! I think I’m going to start playing around with paint samples soon though!