Hutch Reno: Part 2

Ok! So I haven’t made any physical progress on the hutch this week, but I have definitely made progress on the color (YAY!), paint type and brand, techniques, and possible accents! I’m super excited about all of it – especially the color and accents I want to do. I know it doesn’t really seem crazy ambitious, but for me – the I started this project 30 minutes ago and I need it done now type of person – I really want to do this well! Last week I covered the type of paint I could use and how to prime it, so I’m moving to the next step now – techniques and accents!

Oh – I will say I have yet to find a place for it in our home! Yikes. I’m thinking that once its all done I will know exactly where I want it to be – hopefully!


First I want to disclose the color I have landed on! Yesterday I shared in my stories a color a blogger used on her piece and I fell in love with it! It’s a charcoal grey black and is gooorgeous! Not only is it a beautiful color, but I am so excited for the accents I want to use for it. Here is the color below and it’s from Sherwin William!

Now, it is definitely the most expensive paint I’ll ever buy 😅 but the color is so beautiful that I also plan to use it for more furniture down the road! I even think I want to use it for a night stand I have in Savannah’s room! I’ve been trying to find some new staple color in her room and while this may not work out with the pink, it could work beautifully!


Ok, now onto techniques! By this I mean the proper way to apply the paint onto the furniture. In the past I just used whatever paintbrush I had on hand and didn’t pay attention to quality of the brush, how to actually paint with the brush, or how much paint should be on it. Sounds a little complicated, I know, but trust me when I say that doing it the way I always did results in a sloppy paint job and an overwhelming sense of disappointment! 

I found a pretty good article to go off of on here on While I’m not going to purchase a sander (just yet anyways) I like the idea of using a high density foam small roller since its so large, and using a foam brush for the intricate details. I don’t know how plausible the foam brush would be on such a large piece so I’m going to look into that little more, but I’m definitely going to use the small foam roller to prime it and paint it! HERE is the article I found

 Now, as for the proper way to *use* the roller, I read that you want to use the weight of the roller and use a very light pressure to roll the paint, making sure not to use too much pressure otherwise you will get roller marks (absolutely have gotten those every time I’ve used a roam roller 😂) also,  roll in one direction so you can get an even painted surface. Seems easy enough! I will most likely refer to this post when I’m paining because I know I’m not going to remember most of this..


Now time for some of the really fun parts! So, what I want to do fo the accents are 

  • Different knobs on all of the drawers
  • Wallpaper inside each of the drawers

That last one may not happen immediately after I finish painting, but I’ve seen it done on furniture in the past and I absolutely loooove it! I’m very much a fan of wallpaper and if I wasn’t such a cheapo, I would be one of those people spending top dollar on a piece of furniture already painted, with beautiful wallpaper in the drawers. I will need to learn how to actually apply the wallpaper without ruining my newly painted hutch – but I’m getting a head of myself. Here are my ideas for the knobs and print of wallpaper!


So – I’m thinking gold! They currently have circular knobs on each of the drawers and on the little closet, but I’m not sure if I want to stick with that or do the handles instead. Here are my ideas so far:


Here is the wallpaper design I’m thinking! Paper Kite floral patterns are just unparalleled in my opinion – they are priiiiicey, but just gorgeous! I’m not sure if I’ll splurge and get their wallpaper, but they’re the only ones I can visualize with this hutch! Since I plan on using a darker color for the body of the hutch, I still wanted to do something fun and quirky somewhere on it and this wallpaper in the drawers are a perfect fit!

Let’s just say I have Anthropolgie taste with a TJ Maxx budget! But I’ll figure it out 😘

What do you think? Do you like the wallpaper as a liner in a drawer idea? I’d love to know any tips or tricks on painting you may have!