Introducing: Taylor Synowicki aka That Mother Lifestyle

Since the moment I started this blog, I knew I wanted to incorporate other mothers voices in some ways. What that looked like, I had no idea! But I had some ideas. Taylor has been near and dear to my heart since we were 5 and 6 year olds, running around Prescott Elementary asking if we could sit next to each other during lunch time. I have learned so much from this incredible human.  I have loved seeing her grow not only into a resilient, thoughtful, woman, but also a compassionate, devout, nurturing mother – let me tell you, this lady has developed a voice that all mama’s out there deserve to hear. That’s why I am so so excited to have Taylor, aka That Mother Lifestyle, be a Content Creator here on The Fox and The Bee! Her journey with becoming a mom is so relatable and yet so very unique, which is exactly the kind of voice I want to help broadcast! To introduce her to you all, we had a small interview disguised as a play date and she gave us a sneak peak into who she is as a person, and as a mama. Every couple of weeks she’s going to grace your screen with some blog post about herself, her family, her experiences – anything and everything! Just like Trev and I have been doing. So sit back, and enjoy this short but insightful conversation between two friends 💛

A:  Tell me your Name, your age, and how many children you have?

T: My name is Taylor, I’m 28 soon to be 29, I have 2 kids – 1 is 4 and the other is 9 months – a boy and a girl. Which is crazy.

A: Tell me about You, Taylor. Not as a wife or a mother, just as an individual!

T: Uhm I love, obviously I love Netflix, love hulu, love my shows. I love a good documentary, crime shows, cheesy romance movies, HUGE bachelor fan. Oh and I could watch the office over and over. I love coffee. If I don’t have coffee at least once a day, I’m a different person. Caffeine, coffee is my number one thing in life besides my kids. I love clothes and fashion – I’m into styling. Uhm love my skin care, obsessed with skin care products – buying them, trying new stuff. I love cereal – I have it every day for breakfast. It’s bad, its been really bad lately. It’s so good. It’s just so easy and so satisfying – every time, every time. I have to have it in the house at all times, I need to have this sugary crappy kind. 

A: AH I love cereal! I don’t blame you at all! Ok, what else?

T: I love music, I love listening to music. I always actually listen to music when I cook dinner. I’ll turn the TV off and be like and just play some music. Uhm, so I love to do that.

A: I didn’t know that! I love that! What kind of music do you like to listen to?

T: uhm, I’ve been really into country lately! I don’t know why but I always play Maren Morris – I’m obsessed with her. Now that shes a mom, I’m even more obsessed with her.

A: Oh my gosh isn’t that crazy how when someone becomes a mom you’re like ok I love you! We’re in the same club now!

T: Yup! I also like Kacey Musgraves. Those are like my top 2, unless Disney Music which is good too because I know all of the songs. So either country or kids music.

A: I love it. Ok, how has being a mom changed you or did it even change you?

T: Uhm, it changed me a lot. Almost in every way, but definitely had to learn how to be more patient and completely selfless. Which I think it gets a bad rep, becoming a mom. Because people are like, “oh you need to still do things for yourself,” and all of this stuff – but its like, being a mom is the most selfless thing you can do in life because its giving all you have to a human that’s not necessarily going to be giving it back it to you because they don’t know what it is you’re actually giving to them. So it’s like, you can be selfless as a mom and that’s O.K. You know what I mean?

A: No I absolutely do! It’s such a big thing – especially with millennials, to become a mom because they feel like A) I don’t want to ruin my body and B) I don’t want to lose myself. I’m not ready to do that. Which to a certain extent, yeah they’re right. So, me saying I want to introduce Taylor as and individual first and then Taylor as a mom is just to say we understand that people don’t want to have kids because they don’t want to become JUST a mom, but like, you are a mom – and that’s just another part of your identity. 

T: Yeah, totally. So its changed me in that way where I’m more selfless, and I’m ok with that. I think I’m ok with who I am as a person and I don’t think I need to necessarily be like, “this is who I am!” I’m comfortable with who I am. I care about peoples opinion but at the same time I’m going to do me at the end of the day and if you want to roll with it, cool, and if you don’t, that’s cool too! Whatever!

A: Yes, its like hey! We can be friends, but know that I’m a mom and that means my priorities are probably going to be a lot different than yours.

T: Yes! I think in ways it didn’t change me – I’ve always been pretty nurturing so I feel like that was kind of already in me a little bit, and more of it just came out after having kids. But that was just something that came natural, the nurturing part just had to refocus on the baby and I don’t know, not just nurturing to myself or other people. So that was something I feel like didn’t really change cause I had it, it just went to something else when I became a mom. 

A: OK – tell me about Evie!

T: Evie – oh my god. Who! She is giving me a run for my money lately! Well she is going to be 5 in 3 days – which is CRAZY I’ve had a kid for 5 years! It doesn’t seem like it at all! It’s not like I ignore that its been that long, its just hard to swallow. When I say it out loud I’m like, “no that’s not possible I’ve had a kid for that long, that’s crazy” but then I’m like, “no I have, shes right in front of me, this is my reality.” I feel like Every year she gets older it gets more and more surreal and it sinks in a little more that I have a kid that isn’t a baby. And its feels good but also it’s like, “what have I been doing?! Did I eff up?! Did I not do something right, am I doing things right, should I have not done this, should I have done this?” – I think its just a normal thing you start to question yourself all of the time.

A: oh IM SURE!

T: And I’m learning too! And she is also growing and learning and just soaking in everything. And people are going to give you advice and it’s like, ok great! Maybe that worked for you but how do you know that’s going to work in my situation? Because I’m a completely different mom than you, my kids a completely different kid than I was. So at the end of the day, you’re going to do your own thing. And if happens to be because of a piece of advice someone told you, great! If it’s something you made up or you figured out on your own, also great! So, shes just been SO sassy and is naughty, but at the same time shes just like the funniest and loving kid – also very nurturing person, like I am. Which makes my heart so happy because she’s already like this at such a young age that I know it was from me, and to know that was probably already in her and it’s been in her because I’m her mom – makes me feel like ok, I’m doing SOMETHING right here! I have this, I did good!

A: I bet its gotta feel so good to see that one amazing quality and know I can nurture and push for you to like, BE this person!

T: That’s the best! Totally, she is just wants to take care of people, me, Eric, Harrison. Even her dolls! It’s so cute to see and its just the best whenever she is like that. She just LOVES to tell stories and she loves to paint and do art – super artsy! Way artsier than me, I’m like this is good and you did not get this from me. You maybe got it from my mom? But she likes to paint and draw stuff. She loves to be outside – and shes super funny too.

A: AWH it seems like you are doing so good so far! Like all of those things! because they are just building their personality and all you can do at this point is just introduce stuff to them and see what they gravitate towards and help them navigate them – I feel like that’s just it! Right?

A: ok so the next question is – tell me about Harrison!

T: Harrison’s – so. Oh boy! He is at that age where he is starting to, ok this is kind of who he is – his personality is coming out, like, ok I see you as, you’re a baby but in the last month his personality has just skyrocketed. He will laugh at certain things he used to not laugh at, or cry about certain things that he didn’t cry about and he is starting to start talk/babble – which kind of blew me and Eric’s mind because he will say “Dada” now or “mama” or “baba” and I’m like, are you talking now? He’s getting to that point now where he’s going to know that mama is me and that dada is Eric, you know? We’ll be like Harrison! Come here! And he will crawl from the other room into wherever we are. He’s at that point now where he understands – which is kind of scary. Cause its like, crap! Do I need to watch what I’m saying? If I’m in a heated argument should I not do that in front of him? It’s just crazy that at this age they are already so preceptive to what we are doing and saying. It’s crazy just how much they are soaking in at 9 months old – it just blows my mind. He also crawls everywhere. And he loves music! He loves to dance to music. So I feel like that’s another reason why I’ve been listening to music more in the house because I know he likes it. Which is so cute. But yeah, you just forget all the things about each stage and each month until you’re in it. Like, oh yeah teething happens! I forgot about it! So when it started to happen with him, I was like “OHH NO this is going to be the worst, he’s not going to sleep, he’s going to cry,” but that was my first thoughts! This is going to suck! You know, and then it starts happening with them and you’re just like, I’m so sad! I try to give him stuff to help soothe it but you just know it’s a part of him growing. Which sucks, but yeah.  And that’s why it’s a hard pill to swallow with them growing. And things like moving them into their crib and out of your room – it sucks, but you know you just have to take the plunge and do it. It’s only to better them and to help them. It’s hard, you know? But you’ll get through it, its just part of it.

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