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Make Up + Skin with Taylor


Skincare has always been important to me from a very young age. I remember being a little kid and watching my great gma put on her night creams and washing her face every morning. I remember watching her put on makeup and choosing out one of her many lipsticks. I could watch her do that for hours. And one of my grandmas also worked at the clinique counter for a long time. So fast forward to right around high school and I was already on a skincare routine, washing my face every morning and night, and wearing light makeup to school. It always has interested me and since i tarted doing it i’ve grown to love it and invest a lot of time and money into it. As I have gotten older and my skin has gone through many changes, especially after birthing two babies, my skincare journey has been intense and has become a love hate relationship for me. From struggling to hormonal breakouts in the beginning and after pregnancy to having glowing skin towards the end of my pregnancies and finally getting that glow back months sometimes years postpartum. It’s been a lot of trial and error, researching, watching videos, reading through every ingredient, getting recommendations, and so on to find products I really love. 
I’m that person who has tried everything, and I mean everything. From neutrogena, to clean clear, to cerave, la roch posay, to using all natural products, to using proactive for years that I think in the long run it only did damage to my skin. I’ve tried it all! Within the last 6 months I have found some truly great brands that have done great things for my skin. My skin is still not perfect nor do I think it will ever be if I keep having kiddos lol so i’m definitely looking forward to seeing a dermatologist after all the baby making is over to understand my skin more and try some products that could really benefit me. So for now I’ll stick to what I know and how my skin is reacting positively to products I can get my hands on now and that are also not crazy expensive. 

My skin type is combination skin so I struggle with dryness and oiliness and I get those super fun hormonal breakouts from time to time. I have ruined my skin barrier so many times I think I have done some permanent damage at this point. So I feel like for the last few years i’ve really been trying to repair my skin barrier and stay on top of hydrating my skin. I also have very reactive skin, so anything and everything can make it flare up, new products, makeup, stress, anxiety, the air quality, menstrual cycle, types of foods, and so on. So for someone that has always taken good care of their skin and has made that a number one priority it sucks that I get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to maintaining good skin. But it hasn’t gotten me down yet and I’ve continued to be proactive about it. I try different products out, and in doing so I have found some amazing ones that work for me.

Brands i’ve been into recently that i’m loving : 


A korean skincare brand i’ve been using for the last 6 months. I found these guys online and I decided to try them out after researching and reading some reviews. They have skincare lines curated to your skin needs and the products sounded all very calming and hydrating. So I gave it a go, and sure enough they did not disappoint. They also have really awesome sleeping masks that you put on right before bed over your skincare and rinse off in the morning. They are magic I swear.! I feel like korean skincare just knows their shit, they have really great formulas and calming ingredients and take a lot of pride in that. All their ingredients are natural, and sourced responsibly. They don’t use harsh chemicals or preservatives. And the prices are so affordable, so you’re not going to be breaking the bank. 
Products i’m using from this line and have been loving lately : 

  • Clarifying foam cleanser
  • Cica toner
  • Cica balm moisturizer
  • Hydrating green tea serum


Guys, this brand…i can easily say in my whole 29 years of life….Favorite skincare brand ever! I found these guys about a year ago, and didn’t order anything (biggest regret) until a few months ago. The ingredients and formulas of these products are absolutely beautiful and pure. They have so many simple straightforward products for every skin type and nothing is irritating or harsh. Every product I have put on my skin has only done good things for me, I knew I would love this line and it has easily become a staple for me and I know it will be for a long time. All their products are cruelty free, paraben free, vegan friendly, fragrance free, dermatologist tested, made in the usa, so gentle on the skin,plant powered, and really just some of the best formulas i”ve ever seen and used.
Products i’m using from this line that i’m loving : 

  • Niacinamide cleansing gelee 
  • Hyaluronic acid essence
  • Marula face oil
  • Bha liquid exfoliant
  • Marine hyaluronic acid water cream
  • Retinol complex cream

Other favorite brands :


They have great face masks, and their sunscreen is my fav of all time.

La roche posay

They have a good spot treatment for breakouts and cleansers for a drugstore brand

The ordinary

They have a good face mask and serums for really cheap but work
Other brands that are great, gentle, and straight forward, and a few drugstore brands.

  • Yay for earth
  • Bliss
  • honest
  • Kate Somerville
  • The inkeylist
  • Klairs 

Over the years I’ve learned to be extra delicate and gentle with my skin, never tugging or rubbing, no harsh exfoliators or cleanser brushes, makeup wipes are a big no no, etc, cause aggravating your skin is the worst thing you can do to it. I’ve learned that not everything is going to work for everyone, everyone’s skin is different and can handle different things. I’ve just always taken a gentle approach, and some people say less is more and trust me, I’ve tried that. Some people need more for their skin and that’s ok. My skincare is the only thing I spend my money on and splurge on, it has honestly become a hobby for me. I love trying new things and reading about everything dealing with skincare, I feel like I know so much that I tend to go crazy and buy too much sometimes. I like to switch up my routine here and there but still keep it in the family of what I have on my shelf. My skincare is really important to me, in the mornings it gets me ready for my day and at night it gets me ready to relax and go to sleep. It’s those few minutes a day I get to indulge in something small just for me and take care of me. 


This will be way shorter guys….lol especially as of late and since covid my days of wearing makeup have become pretty much nonexistent. Sure there’s times here and there, (date night, night out with friends, certain events) that i’ll put on makeup for but day to day even if i’m going out to do stuff I do not wear makeup. If anything I’ll curl my lashes so I look more awake and throw on my sunscreen that’s a little tinted. 
10 years ago I used to be that girl who went crazy at Sephora, spent literally thousands of dollars. Bought the best makeup, all the brushes, all the extra stuff, caked on my makeup to where yes you could totally tell I had a lot on. And at the time it seemed justified, I had three jobs, I was single, and only taking care of me. Looking back it’s so crazy to me now to think of how much I spent and wasted on silly stuff like that. Because now being a mom I feel a little guilty sometimes wanting to buy something for myself let alone a bunch of makeup that I don’t really need, that’s just gonna sit on my shelf while I’m with my kiddos all day. One of them is constantly on me at all times, giving me kisses, slobbering on my face and it would just not be good for myself or them if I had a face full of makeup on while that’s going on.  I definitely still like to do my makeup from time to time and I do buy products randomly but nothing like before. I still have a great appreciation for it, it’s a lot of fun to try makeup looks. I feel like I could talk about skincare and makeup all day long if I wanted to. For now, I just stick to really simple, low key products and I love that easy natural look, nothing cakey or too much. I think less is best.

Brands i’ve been using that i’m loving : 


If you’re looking for a natural finish, light coverage but buildable they have a great skin tint as your base/foundation. 


This brand also has products that give you a very natural look that are in beautiful colors. I love their multi balm stick!
Other brands that can give you that natural look and a few drugstore options I think are great if you’re on a budget : 

  • Tarte
  • Covergirl
  • Loreal
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Clinique

I’m gonna try to do a holiday makeup look for thanksgiving…so stay tuned for that later this week…I may go live or post a reel, haven’t decided yet!
So that’s my little sneak peek into my world of skincare and makeup! Anyone using some products I’m using? I’d love to hear what everyone else is doing, or things you guys have tried that you can’t live without! Or if anyone has any questions about products i’m using i’m totally open to answering anything and everything!