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Midwives + My Experience

Us mamas all know each pregnancy can have their differences, fear of the unknown ranging from symptoms to how labor and delivery will be. Even though this may be my third go around I still feel all those same fears and each pregnancy has been completely different from symptoms to delivery. But one thing that I have kept as a constant for all three pregnancies is the route I took when it came to prenatal and postnatal care….having a midwife! 
A lot of times when I talk about my pregnancies to people I openly talk about my midwives, and the birth center where I went for all my visits. And to my surprise I got a lot of questions and puzzling looks about what exactly a midwife is and what the difference is between a midwife, and a doctor. Kind of a bummer to know some women don’t know anything about them but also such an awesome moment for me to be able to share my experience and how choosing to have a midwife was the best decision I made and it could be for them too! So what exactly is a midwife? Lets talk…

All about Midwives and my experience

Midwives provide health care services to women of all ages. Midwives partner with women to help make important health decisions, they also work with other members of a woman’s health care team when needed. But a midwife can also be your primary care provider. There are 3 main types of midwives, and there are some differences in the services offered by each type. ( certified nurse-midwife, certified midwife, certified professional midwives) 

All 3 types of midwives provide care to women during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. They all can work in hospitals or at a birth center, or at home where they help women with labor and the birthing process. Certain midwives also can provide general health services, annual checkups, birth control, menopausal care, and treatment for common infections and health problems. 

So as medically legit as that may sound and close to what a doctor does still why would some mamas choose to have one? Well midwives are experts in knowing all things going on with mama during her pregnancy. They know all the differences between normal changes that happen and symptoms that may require some extra tlc and attention. Midwives cater to all areas when it comes to labor and birth, but they really can specialize in women who have low-risk pregnancies and are looking to have an unmedicated birth, water birth, or birth at a birth center where you really take the lead.  When I started my journey with my first midwife I didn’t realize just how significant a midwife would be to me. The level of comfort and what a calm presence each midwife gave me throughout my pregnancies never wavered. I always look forward to seeing them, talking with them, getting all my questions and concerns answered and answered with honest hearts. 

They not only care about the baby, and how the pregnancy is going but how me, the mom is feeling. From talking to them about scary feelings, to a crappy symptom, to what’s the best lube to use for sex, to having a mini anxiety attack during a visit because I was scared labor was coming and she helped me through that. I mean by the end of it these amazing women felt like not only my doctor but almost like a sister or best friend. They genuinely care and want the best for you, your family and your baby during pregnancy. The advice I have received and overall someone just listening to you vent about pregnancy stuff… which i’m sure they have heard a million times has meant everything to me. The knowledge they have to know exactly what to do to help you through pregnancy, labor and birth…it is purely the best care I have ever received health wise. I have never had a bad experience with any of my midwives, never felt uncomfortable, never felt unheard. They have your back more than you have your own, they believe in you more than you may believe in yourself. 

I have the utmost respect for midwives especially the ones I have been so fortunate to go through my pregnancies with. A midwife offers so much versatility when it comes to giving birth, they can come to your home, the hospital or you can go to a birth center (where only un-medicated, vaginal births happen). Who can you trust more with your pregnancy and birth than someone who can help you through labor and birth in the comforts of being outside a hospital if you wish to do so? And even though I chose to have my births at a hospital, there was no questioning or judgement, just pure support. From the time I arrived at the hospital my midwife followed shortly after and helped me through labor and eventually birth, placing each of my children on my chest. (my first birth I was able to have an unmedicated, vaginal birth with my midwife, and my second I had an epidural vaginal birth. Both healthy babies) They knew how to help me through labor without me even saying a word, they were there till the end and never left me fending for myself. These women are superheroes guys. 

The word midwife means “with woman.” And man, do these women make you feel like they are really with you. When going through pregnancy I know a huge one for me is emotional support and these women bring it, I have never insecure asking a dumb question or talking about something that may be a little to tmi to some people. At each visit we see how me and my body are doing first, we go over any health issues if any come up, then we measure belly and get to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Something so simple and routine for them but they never make it feel that way for me. I have been so blessed and feel so grateful for the midwives I have and the birth center I go to for visits, cause without them I know my pregnancies wouldn’t have been the same or as good. Now, I’m not hating on or bashing on any other form of prenatal and postnatal care any moms decided to go through. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, go with a provider that makes you feel the most comfortable. 

I have gone through the CHI Birth Center at Lincoln aka Good Life Birth Place!All of the midwives there are amazing, you will end up getting a chance to see and visit with all them. Which I think is so great and important,  because it just makes going there even better when you know everyone on a first name basis. And it makes going into labor feel better knowing whichever one is on call for babies that day you know them and feel 100% comfortable with them. They all love what they do, it truly shows. Got any more questions or want me to dive deeper on anything with a midwife please ask me!