Never Leave Home Without…

Throughout my college years, I got really good at making sure I have all that I need with me at all times. Whatever that meant for me at the moment, I would have some must have items that I never left home without. In college, it was a small makeup bag with all of the essentials, deodorant, body spray, gum, and my cell phone. Once I graduated, much of that remained the same but I added my cell phone, headphones, and my water bottle. Now that I’m a mom? In the beginning, all I wanted was to focus on were the must haves in the baby bag – I never wanted to be out and about and not have enough wipes, diapers, socks, toys, whatever! But for me the only thing I really focused on having was my wallet and my cell phone – that’s it, that’s all I had the mental capacity to worry about let alone need! But now that I’m more comfortable with taking her around and I’m more confident in what she needs and doesn’t actually need when things take a turn for the worse, I’ve been able to focus more on myself and what I actually need these days! Ladies, this list ain’t nothin special but they have become *necessities* when I’m out and want to feel cool, calm and collected! While some of them are things i’ve always needed (hello cellphone and wallet!) some are essentials that only became essentials as I’ve become older and my priorities shifted. Rather than planning for a night out after work, I plan for trips out to the grocery store and running errands. Very different lifestyle, but I wouldn’t change it for the world 💛

  1. Lip + Skin Balm

Sounds way fancier than it actually is, but I’ve used this rosebud salve since I was in college and its truly amazing! Since we are in winter here in Nebraska, my skin just shrivels up like a raisin so I need all of the moisture! The reason I choose balms rather than chapstick, lip gloss, or even lipstick is because I can use it on literally any part of my body! My lips, the dry patches on my face (I get the worst ones under my mouth), my knuckles, my elbows – everywhere! And its truly magic because it doesn’t make me look or feel greasy! There are 2 brands that I really love right now, Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Glossier’s balm dot com. I’ve only recently discovered Glossier’s balm dotcom and let me tell you, I’m never going back! It’s much thicker than the rosebud salve but really soaks in and moisturizes! Love it!

2. Hand sanitizer

We live in a time where sanitizer is used almost constantly! Before the pandemic I always used sanitizer that didn’t have alcohol (I mean, in hindsight I have zero clue what the point of sanitizer without alcohol is…) so I’ve definitely had to invest in the hardcore, singeing the nostrils kind. So far I’ve really enjoyed the Honest Company spray hand sanitizer and its not super pungent! Regardless, I have a spray sanitizer in each of my bags and in my car

3. Scrunchie

I have used scrunchies since I could remember because I can slip them on my hair very quick and rip them right of my hair just as fast without taking any strands with it! I used to wear my hair down all the time with zero problems, but now? I last maybe 20 minutes out with my hair down! Either Savannah is pulling big chunks of hair out or its just in the way while I’m trying to maneuver her in and out of the car, I can’t handle it down! Those times, I have got to have a scrunchie on hand or I will absolutely lose it.

4. Comfortable + practical shoes

I have tried the cute and fun booties with a little heel, and while it *truly* pains me to set them aside, I just cant handle the focus they need when I go out anymore. Even when I don’t have Savannah I just have to have something comfortable on my feet! For winter, I often wear these Madewell tennis shoes that I got on sale last year (they’ve super similar to vans but honestly a little more comfortable!) and they are so so comfortable and just trendy enough that I don’t feel like a complete bum! I don’t have these exact pair but I do like thes! 

Last summer I decided to finally invest in a pair of my favorite sandals called Avarcas that I had been eyeing for literal years, and I’m dead serious when I say they were the best investment I have made in a pair of sandals. It’s well known that I have a fierce dislike for summer attire so my love for these shoes are truly a miracle! They’re an investment but they are so so worth it!

5. Water bottle

Now that Savannah is almost 13 months old, she loves loves to drink out of my water bottle! I had already gotten in the habit of bringing one with me everywhere I go before I had Savannah, but its become 1 more thing that I cannot leave at home – unless I want to buy a water when I’m out, which I hate doing. I like to call my hydro flask the “community water bottle” because Trev also always drinks out of it, even though he has his own 40oz bottle 🤦🏻‍♀️ I like the 32oz! Get a lot of water in it still and I can still carry it and Savannah at the same time easy peasy!

6. My phone + charger 

My phone should honestly be #1 because its an absolute must! Whether I have Savannah with me or not, I need it purely for emergencies and music! Savannah used to be an absolute gem for car rides, but as she gets old she gets less and less patient in the back by herself so playing some trusty Frozen songs always gets her to calm down! I don’t bring a plug in charger with me unless I’m going out of town, but I always always keep a car charger plugged into my car! The charger isn’t anything fancy, just an old cord we had laying around. But here is my current phone case that I love that makes me feel happy when I look at it!

7. Cheap sunglasses

I’ve always wanted a nice pair of sunglasses but I break them so quickly that I have never invested in a pair – I’m grateful for that a lot these days because Savannah absolutely loves to pull and kind of glasses off of our faces. Trev’s poor glasses have really gone through the ringer these past couple of months. I use sunglasses for a lot of things – to pull my hair out of my face, to use as a distraction for Savannah, and to block out the sun (although cheap sunglasses actually hurt my eyes when I wear them…) and since Savannah likes to rip them off my face and then throw them on the ground, or I give them to her to distract her and she then throws them on the ground, its helps my heart to know I didn’t spend very much on them at all and so I can always get another pair if I really wanted to! My go to place is TJ Maxx and while these glasses I’ve linked are pretty cheap and super cute, especially for the brands, I always go way cheaper – probably between $12-$15 if I’m being honest! 

8. Backpack

I was the queen of crossbody bags before Savannah, but now I can hardly stand them! I need to carry her when we are out and switching her from side to side is basically second nature at this point, so backpacks are so convenient for this! Plus, they are super cute! I’m on the look out for the perfect one that holds the right amount of space, but this is the one I currently have and it fits really well! Just need a tad bit more space!

9. Small Wallet

I’ve use the same gorgeous, brown leather wallet for years now but it’s honestly just too bulky for my daily life anymore! Plus, all I really need these days are the essentials – my debit/credit cards, drivers license, and insurance card. Oh, and my costco card. Cannot forget my costco card!

Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

Or this super cute one!

What are some things that you never leave home without? I would love to hear in the comments below!💛