Lists To Be Honest...

Our Busy Bee is 16 months old

My baby girl has officially hit the 16 month mark over Mother’s Day weekend and its taking everything in me not to weep at how fast its all going! Savannah Bee is growing into her personality so so much and is becoming every bit of her father and mother each and every day. This week I’m just gonna go through some things that have changed since she turned 12 months because lemme tell you, there’s been quite quite a few changes in the pat 4 months. Can I just say I love discovering who my baby girl is becoming?

  1. She runs, not walks
  2. She smiles and hugs virtually everybody she makes eye contact with (I think we will be having a conversation on stranger danger pretty early on…)
  3. She isn’t afraid of *anything* if she can touch, eat, or play with it – its fair game.
  4. She’s a busy Bee in every meaning of the phrase 💛🐝 always moving onto the next toy, moving object, piece of food, living creature, forbidden area – whatever it is, shes already there.
  5. She loves the out doors and will play + eat dirt anywhere, anytime and I have decided that I’m perfectly ok with that
  6. She’s very obsessed with her older Cousin Alba (and any older child that will play with her)
  7. She LOVES to eat (especially anything I’m eating at any moment) and will not hesitate to take your food from your hands, even if you’ve just met and scream at you until you share.
  8. She *hates* being held in public, she would muuuch rather have free reign to run around her surroundings 🙃
  9. She loves to sing along when I’m attempting to sing or with any song playing, even if she hasn’t heard the tune before
  10. She is officially weaned from breastfeeding 😭 but refuses cows milk
  11. She loves shoes. And my feet. So weird…
  12. She loves dogs and cats and will do the baby voice that every pet owner has spoken in and it’s the cutest thing on earth
  13. She is very kind towards younger children (like her 12 month old cousin Ella) but then will swiftly, but gently, take away anything In their possession. 
  14. She firmly disagrees with boundaries of any kind – what are they and why do they exist?
  15. Baby girl is *not* afraid to use her pipes when shes displeased with Something. Which is often. 
  16. Her favorite movies are Frozen, Frozen 2, Moana, and Tangled. Basically anything with singing. Yes, she loves movies, and no, I don’t feel any guilt or shame about that ✌🏼
  17. She has a maaassive sweet tooth and goes bizerk whenever she sniffs sugar (I may or may not have been the culprit there…)
  18. She shows her biggest smiles when shes playing outside and running around with other kids
  19. She knows what she likes and what she wants, but is still so kind and gentle 
  20. She say “Hi!” Any time we enter into room after being gone for any amount of time. Could be 2 hours, 45 minutes, or 10 minute. And it’s the best feeling.
  21. She gives the absolute best hugs and loves to cuddle. She’ll be playing one minute, then walking over to us the next, as for us to pick her up, then nestle into our necks. Pure happiness. 
  22. She is quite possibly my best friend 💛 (sorry Trev…)