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Packing The Hospital Bag

It’s about that time….to start packing the hospital bag. 

In those last few weeks of pregnancy, which can seem to crawl by…getting your hospital bag ready is a must. Once you reach 38 weeks they say the baby can really come at any time, so at least by then it is always smart to have that ready. You don’t want to have to stress about getting things together at the last minute or while you’re in active labor. I do like to look up lists online of what other mamas bring and ask around, it’s always interesting to see what some mamas bring and some don’t.  For both of my previous births I definitely over packed, I barely used anything except a few things I brought for the baby. So I figured I’d curate a list of my own on what I will be bringing, what dad should bring, and what to bring for the baby. My list will be more on the simpler side/ light packing. So hopefully this helps out some other mamas!

For Mama

  • Two maternity bras (really only one if you can remember to throw one on to wear to the hospital) 
  • A lightweight comfy robe
  • Comfy slippers, or sandals you can just slide on
  • Brush + scrunchies/hair ties
  • Toothbrush + your skincare products + deodorant + body lotion + chapstick
  • Nipple cream if breastfeeding
  • A comfy loose fitting clothes (one set to wear at hospital after delivery/showering and one to wear home)
  • Phone charger 
  • Nursing pillow/boppy

For Dada

  • At least one change of clothes
  • Phone charger
  • Snacks (try to go for more nutritious snacks) 
  • Laptop/tablet 
  • Toothbrush + toiletry items

For Baby

  • 2-3 Onesies + homecoming outfit 
  • A blanket or two + a swaddle
  • A hat (the hospital does offer one, but in case you want to have your own…so good to keep baby warm)
  • Newborn socks 1 pair
  • Car seat + car seat cover
  • Diapers + wipes (the hospital does offer these items as well) 

These lists are pretty short and straight to the point. For me I was not thinking of what I looked like at all…hence the no makeup or hair styling products, or cute hospital gown. I was so exhausted from labor, I was focusing so much on bonding/skin to skin and breastfeeding as much as possible. I wore the same bra and pants for my stay and would throw on a robe over my bra when needed. I don’t even think I brushed my hair…haha sooo yeah. It’s different for everyone, and what’s so awesome is if you do forget something the hospital will most likely have it. I liked using the pads and postpartum super sexy undies you get to wear that the hospital offers, so that’s why i don’t have those items on my list. They also have other toiletry items to help with pain you feel after giving birth. My advice would be to make a list and bring things you know will make you feel comforted and get through a couple days away from home.