Papa Bear

Papa Bear Blog Update & First Two Weeks with Ghost

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I really wanted to lay out in detail the upcoming blog series that I have planned as well as share our experience over the last few weeks since our new dog Ghost joined the family. We try to find a balance between providing helpful information and resources for parents and sharing our own experiences with Savannah and Alex and I’s relationship since becoming parents. Today’s blog is going to be all about our family. I have a major problem of having a lot of projects and hobbies going on at once and I go from one thing to the next, so I sometimes struggle with finishing things. I’m hoping writing these ideas down will be exciting for everyone to read about and also keep me in line. Also, Alex and I both want to let everyone know much we have LOVED adding Ghost to the family, despite our house now smelling like a full-on zoo.

Papa Bear Blog Update

When Alex started this blog and asked me to include a weekly blog post about raising a daughter from a father’s perspective, I was 100% on board and excited to share with our friend, family, and readers, but I really didn’t know where to begin. Over the last few months, I have been researching “Dad Blogs” and trying to find topics that might be relevant to other dads. What I found was there really are NOT that many dad blogs at all. As the weeks passed, I would try to write about a topic that was relevant to what happened to our family that week. A milestone for Savannah or even for mom and dad. That worked great, but what about the nonlife changing event weeks! So, I have decided to put together a few occasional “series” that I am going to focus on and then throw in milestone blogs as they naturally happen. Hopefully, these series spark some interest and help our readers look forward to next week!

DIY Project Series

My dad likes to say, “get out your Bob the Builder tool kit” whenever I need to use a hammer or a screwdriver. To be honest, my wife is the handy one out of the two of us. I know a little bit more than I like to let on, but I don’t have a huge interest in owning a garage full of tools. That being said, I do have two DIY projects I want to work on this fall and perhaps I will start to develop an interest.

The first project is Savannah’s Playhouse. When we bought our house, there was an old playhouse in the backyard. It’s really old and kind of falling apart so I want to fix it up for her. I could probably leave it the way it is and it would be fine, but I think it could be a lot of fun to fix it up. I want to sand it down and paint it. One of the windows has a screen over it so I’m either going to take that off or pin it down better. Maybe we can add a toy chest and put a few fun things inside.

The other project is our backyard. We have this wonderful backyard with a ton of potential. It really could use some TLC. The previous owners had three dogs that were outdoor dogs for the most part as I understand it and the yard probably suffered a little bit. We have four big Cedar (I think) trees that give us privacy, but grass doesn’t grow around the base. Our backyard is fenced with one third of it being a 6-foot privacy fence and the chain link fences are full of vines. Again, a lot of privacy, but the grass near the edges of the fence is in bad shape. Then we have three sheds. I’m not sure why the house came with three sheds, but we need to figure something out there. Alex wants to try her green thumb next spring, so we need to get a garden spot ready for her. I’m thinking about laying a brick perimeter and using lots of mulch. This is going to be a long process, but I think it’s going to be totally awesome when we are all done!

Dad Interview Series

The Dad Interview Series should be a fascinating look at other dads and their experiences. I have been looking forward to being a dad for a long time now and it has been the best experience in my entire life. I am excited to hear from other dads what it’s been like for them. Hopefully a long the way we can hear some really cool dad stories and I’m sure I’ll get a few DIY ideas or cool father/kiddo bonding ideas that our family can try. Still need to pin down that first dad to interview. If anyone wants to volunteer, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Myths Debunked

I started this series last time with a myth on how kind parents spoil their children. This topic is meant to be a lot of fun and our readers will be able to pick up on my super lighthearted tone of voice in the writing as we break down parenting myths. Alex and I never want to be that controversial or hurt anyone’s feelings with our blogs. We know that there are a million different parenting styles and it’s very hard to say one method is right and everyone else has been doing it wrong all this time. Parenting trends have changed over the years with different generations having their own opinions. So again, we aren’t trying to condemn anyone that doesn’t parent the way we do. We just want to share our experiences and thoughts and opinions. I try to include research when we are giving a controversial opinion and hopefully our readers enjoy learning with us!

Traveling with Savannah Bee Series

Ever since Alex invited me to travel overseas with her for the first time I have been OBSESSED with traveling. I have been spent WAY too much time making bucket lists and google imagine every place I want to travel. I have often considered being a traveling nomad and just leaving it all behind and taking off. I’ve seen bloggers convert a giant van into their home living on the road. Yes, I have asked Alex if we could do that and she said, “no!” What we have agreed on was we are going to continue to keep traveling as a major family value and we are always going to bring Savannah. We might make a few exceptions, maybe, but I am pretty sure if Savannah can’t come then we aren’t going. Since we are going to be a family that travels often with our kiddos, I would love to share our adventures with everyone. We just took a family trip to SODAK and I will definitely write a story style blog on our adventures.

First Three Weeks with Ghost

Well Ghost is officially a member of this family! It’s only been three weeks, but this dog has changed life as we know it. Ghost has already had a late-night accident that needed a lot of clean up work, multiple brawls with the neighborhood creatures, an emergency trip to the vet, and plenty of cuddles. His personality matches our perfectly and we wouldn’t trade him for anything. Alex and I have wanted to get a dog for a few years now and made sure to find a house with a fenced in back yard. He has finally arrived and is here to stay.

Ghost’s First Accident

About a week into taking in Ghost we went to Alex’s sisters house for family dinner. We let Ghost out before we left around 6:00 PM and got back home at 9:00 PM. We walked in the door and Alex says she can smell something… I went downstairs and YUP! Ghost had pooped and peed inside his kennel. He had been kicking it through the kennel bars all over the floorboards and wall. What a freaking nightmare. I had to drag the kennel outside and spray it down with a hose. Let his pillow bed dry outside and then clean the walls. It was so awful! It’s so funny to think about now as I write this, but we were tired, and Savannah was already up way past her bedtime. Alex and I divided and conquered, and I took care of the poop.

Emergency Vet Visit      

Everything came together in a perfect storm after we returned home from our SODAK road trip this past week. When we arrived home, we had water in the basement and soon discovered our water heater was leaking. Luckily, Alex had strongly encouraged that we renew our home warranty, so it was covered, and a plumber was on his way tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning comes and just before the plumber is set to arrive, Alex while holding Savannah goes out to check the mail. Ghost sneaks out the front door and takes off towards the busy street up the block. Alex rushes back inside and gives me (working from home) Savannah and takes off after Ghost. I trot outside with Savannah and watch as Ghost and Alex turn the corner at the end of the block out of site. Pretty soon Ghost is rushing back towards the house and I lean down to ease him to a stop by my side. I hear Alex screaming, “don’t reach for him, he was hit by a car!!” I look up and Alex’s hand is gushing blood and she has tears running down her face. Ghost had been hit and then during his frightened state, he bit her in the hand. Well, thank God my sister’s girlfriend Grace came to the rescue! Grace rushed to our house to watch Savannah, Alex drove herself to the ER, and I took Ghost to the Vet. Alex ended up with a wound that needed glue, but no stitches, Ghost was the luckiest dog of all with no broken bones. What a morning.


Our cat Tux has been a part of the family for 13 years now. She is really getting older and has truly been a foundation in our lives. Things change, but we can always count on Tux. That being said, Tux is a cat and mostly keeps to herself. I have always wanted a dog, but this is the first time we have had a house with a fenced in backyard where we really felt like we had the capacity to get a dog. Now that we do, I can really see why everyone always talks about how dogs are your best friend.

Ghost really wears his emotions across his face. I can always tell when he is excited and ready to play or tired and wants to rest on the coach. He is going through heartworm treatment right now so we can’t let him get too excited because it could be dangerous for him. He still gets excited sometimes when he gets a treat or goes outside for a little bit and it’s so exciting to watch. I love sitting on the coach with him in the evenings when we settle down for the night. He loves his Kong toy that Alex fills with frozen Peanut Butter and he loves chewing on things. He has eaten through a couple of our things that you know, were not cheap, but you live and learn I think. Ghost is a member of this family and will be for a long time coming.

Wrap Up

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Tell me in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my upcoming blog series and what it’s been like bringing a dog home into the family. We are excited to see how the backyard turns out and how our first interview with another dad goes! Ghost has been a blessing for our family! He will even get his own Christmas stalking this year! Please let Alex and I know your experience with your kids and if you have any tips and tricks! Also, if there is a topic you would like us to cover, let us know and we will try to do that for you. Thank you for reading and happy parenting!