Robert’s Family Update: Welcoming a New Member to our Family!

GUYS. It’s happening. We are getting a dog. Trev has been wanting one since we moved into our house last June and we debated for MONTHS on whether it was a good idea to get a puppy right before having our baby. We chose to wait mainly because I was not ready to care for a dog and a baby – I can only learn to adult at a certain pace, you know? And to be honest, I wasn’t especially ready now! But when you know, you know. I truly feel like that phrase can be applied to anything and everything btw. But truly, meeting Gibson was a total fluke, pure coincidence! But such a welcome little blessing,

 My friend Mady fosters dogs and she just happened to be giving one a bath at a puppy spa 2 blocks from our house so she decided to stop by just for fun with one of our friends. I had just gotten home with Savannah from going on a Starbucks run and Trevor was in Austin at the moment, so it was an even more pleasant surprise because I had been alone with Savy all weekend. It was the craziest thing but when I saw Gibson, I instantly thought of my childhood dog Jake whom I just adored. He was the sweetest, big dog who was all white and all love – just like Gibson. To make it all better, Savy was instantly smitten. In her short little life, I had yet to see her as excited to grab his fur than to do anything else – it was just the sweetest thing. It was then that I finally felt the tug in my heart saying this is our dog.

Gibson was brought into a local Husky and Alaskan Malamute shelter called Taysia Blue so I immediately went on their website and applied to adopt him, as advised by Mady. She told me that she had only had him for 24 hours at that point so she didn’t know a whole lot about him except that he’s a 4 year old Husky mix and very excited about people, he smelled god awful, and he was about to go through heart worm treatment. I honestly would wager that everybody has heard of heart worm, but most people don’t know the damage it can actually cause if an animal is actually diagnosed with it. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, but its incredibly expensive to treat. She told me the treatment would be equivalent to that of chemo, so to be ready for a drastic mood change during that time. He would need 3 treatments, and after each treatment it is incredibly important to keep him calm, and well rested so it can be more effective.  It broke my heart to know that he was going to have to go through this, but instead of deterring us away, I knew I wanted him even more. Even though Trev was out of town, I immediately called him and got him up to date on everything that just happened and ended with this is our dog. He was just so excited that I was so excited and after sending him a video that Mady had taken of Savy and Gibson together, he agreed we needed to do what we could to adopt him. We were going to keep things under wrap until more details got ironed out, but I couldn’t hold it in and immediately told my dad the next day and let me tell you, he was probably more excited than I was! It may seem counterproductive but when someone else you trust thinks something is a good idea, it just kind of helps solidify your decision, you know? That’s how I feel with my dad – when he agrees with something, I tend to take note and vice verse. So, like so many signs I noticed the night before, I took this as a sign too. Which leads us to where we are today!

We get him this Saturday morning and I feel like it’s almost Christmas Day! We have been working long and hard all week on getting all of the basic essentials needed to make his life easier – and ours! I’ve been doing my research on what Husky’s prefer and why based off of their personalities, size and weight. I’ve found some wonderful blogs dedicated to Husky’s and I must say, they were truly a life saver with their lists of must have essentials! I did grow up with dogs but I honestly don’t think we were ever really prepared for anything like this! With 4 girls of varying ages, 1 stay at home dad and 1 traveling nurse mom, my parents had a lot to juggle and did their absolute best by all of us and the dog and 3 cats we had.  As I’ve gotten older and branched out on my own, I quickly got into list making to help organize my life and take stock of all of the things I needed or needed to work on to make my life run smoother – which is perfect for this situation! We have so much random dead space in our house that making room for him has been so simple. We may have exaggerated a little and got him the biggest of everything (he was 65lbs when Mady first got him but shes been steadily feeding him more and more each day) and according to all of the charts that come with dog products, he’s in between x-large and xx-large. I don’t know, I’m still learning. I think it will be a little difficult in the beginning keeping him calm for his heart worm treatment and keeping Savannah appeased because she is obsessed with him, but I am so excited for us to tackle this next part in our journey.

Trev has never really been around dogs. While his family did have one while he was growing up, he never spent much time with her, so he’s feeling all the nerves with Gibson. Oh, and we were told we could rename him and I think we have it picked out – but I’m going to wait to announce that until we get him this weekend! Trev came up with the name and after some deliberation, we decided its just a perfect match for him, and for our family. I should also say that Trev greatly wants us to have 2 dogs! One dog will be of my choosing (breed, etc) and the other will be his. I don’t know why but he was very insistent that this first dog be mine, which to be honest I was like ok well I don’t know if we’re actually going to get one then…but god bless him for insisting that because I am so excited for Gibson! I think the part I’m most excited about is just building a new every day life with him in it. I already know I want to take him on my and Savannah’s walks in the mornings, and we can finally put some good use of our backyard! One of the main reasons we got this house was because of the backyard and because we wanted a dog one day. I am also so so excited for Savannah to grow up with dogs – just like I did.

Ok, since we don’t actually have him right now, I’m going to leave things here and I will make sure to give an update this weekend when he arrives! 

In the mean time, if you have favorite doggy treats, toys, blankets or whatever, PLLEAASE let us know! Also, any fun training tricks you thought were especially important with adjusting your dog to your home, we would love to know that too!

Be on the look out for updates on his arrival and his name reveal!