The Dreaded Baby-proofing

It’s official – Savannah is at the stage where everything we own is a potential death sentence and I’m losing it. Monday night Savannah had her very first incident and my heart will never be the same. While we were so lucky by so many factors – it wasn’t a serious injury, my mother is an ER nurse and was able to come over immediately to check it out, there were 2 of us at that moment so we were able to work together to figure out a quick, efficient game plan, etc. – it still was so sudden and jarring that my initial thought was, “I have no idea what to do.” Now, to say it was the *last* thing I truly thought I would think in an emergency, I’m not beating myself up about it because Trev was able to step in and help direct us to take the next steps. Since then, it has prompted me to appreciate that the eye opening experience and get going immediately on baby proofing our house! While that specific situation had nothing to do with something dangerous in our home (she was in the living room, surrounded by carpet and her legs just kind of buckled and she fell into the foot stool of her high chair, knocking her top tooth) and I truly believe it was so random and that there was nothing we could’ve really done to prevent it from happening, you know? Anyways, I have definitely mastered the removal of all “choking hazards” in the designated rooms where shes allowed to roam free, and its worked well so far! But shes now able to open drawers in those rooms, climb into those open drawers, pull her self up INSIDE those open drawers…she also loves pull on cords! An while we have all outlets covered with those little covers, she definitely tries to pick at them and pull them off – so, suffice it to say I have a lot of places that we need secure! It’s been good watching her as she learns because shes truly learning something new each day, I know in my head the specific things I need to fix but I also want to do some research and check out the things that may not be problems today, but very well could be tomorrow morning! So I’m just going to go through the areas + furniture I plan to cover in our house at the moment and what I’m going to use! I’m not going to cover the entire house in this post because we are just going to take it room by room right now, basically to the rooms we want to extend as safe zones for Savy right now! As usual, I’ll add links to the products that I think will work great, but if you have some in your home that have worked like magic – definitely let me know!

  1. Baby Gate: main level + upper level

This baby gate situation is been the Bain of my existence for the last 6 months. I am not kidding you, I have ordered and returned 4 different baby gates, researched about 20 different kinds, and even toyed with the idea of getting custom ones for a couple of minutes. The reason its been so difficult to find the right ones for our house is not because it’s split level (although that doesn’t help…) but because the staircase is made out of wrought iron making it impossible to drill through on my own. I have broken many a drill bits trying to get through it, and yes, I have used a center punch to create a little dimple before going through, but it just doesn’t work. Plus, I’m notorious for having to try a couple different times before getting it on the mark and no way would could I stomach making 4 holes in the iron only to find out one was slightly off! My only real shot at covering both the staircases leading downstairs and upstairs is to buy a very long one and have it just wrap around so I can drill each side into the walls. It’s going to take up *a lot* of space (and a lot of $$$) but I don’t think I have many other options! The stairs leading downstairs to our lower level are just way too steep to not have one, so it looks like this is what were looking at! My friend Mady has graciously let us borrow her baby gate that she used as a puppy gate and it’s been perfect separating the living room from the rest of the house, making for a makeshift safe space for Savannah as she learned to crawl and pull herself up. But I very much want her to be able to explore more of the house so we need to figure this out! Anyways, here are a couple of the ones I have in mind and want to try out! Also, its important to note there are 2 different kinds of baby gates – pressure mounted and hardware mounted! We are opting for the hardware mounted because like I said earlier, our stairs leading to the lower level are just too steep to take any chances of slippage! 

2. Dresser Drawers: living room + baby room

So Savannah has learned to open drawers in the past month and man, its scary! Not because I’m worried shes going to pull anything out that’s dangerous, but because she often unknowingly pushes all of her weight against the drawers once they are open and shes closes them on her baby fingers! We have her bedroom dresser that has 2 drawers and we also have a large blue dresser in our living room that we use for storage and for our TV to stand on. While I want to make sure her bedroom drawers aren’t a safety hazard, I’m more worried about the dresser in our living room because its pretty old so its very very heavy! As far as what I plan to do – I’m still not quite sure! I’ve seen magnetic latches, hardware mounted latches, latches with adhesives, and locks with straps – so many different options! While I’m more leaning towards the latches with adhesives because the thought of drilling holes in my living room dresser breaks my heart, but the reviews for the one I saw wasn’t too promising for preventing smashing of the fingers – which is what I want. Ah! Kind of feels like I’ll be doing a lot more research for this one too!but 

3. Outlets with Cords coming out: living room

So this has been an issue since she started crawling! Our solution has worked but we’ve known from the beginning that it was going to be short lived – and that time as arrived! We have 2 main outlets in our living room that she cant help but go after and while we have our little poofs covering them right now, we can’t just cover the plug ins because we need them for our internet router and out TV! I found this really awesome cover for the *entire* outlet, cords and all, that we are going to give it a shot! I’m not sure how effective it’ll be (I’m sure it’ll create a couple more problems – I can see her yanking the tv cords and having that be an issue…) but I am very excited to potentially have some space free up and be able to  actually *use* the little poufs! There are plenty of options and the reviews for most seem promising, but I have seen compatibility issues so that’ll be something I will definitely need to check before ordering! 

I also want to cover an outlet that’s behind her crib (they have a crazy amount of outlets in each room in this house so it was impossible to place her crib away from any of them…) and while we have those little covers for each individual outlet, I don’t trust her to not dig at them until she can carve them out! So I want to get this larger cover that will just go over the whole thing and hopefully dissuade her from trying anything sneaky!

4. Anchoring Bookshelf + TV + Dressers: living room + baby room

This is something we will need to work on pretty quickly, and in all honesty should have tackled a lot sooner! The bookshelves we have in the living room have been a constant source of amusement for Savannah for mooonths and while we watch her like a hawk when shes near them, it only takes one step up on one of those shelves for it to topple down! I’m actually currently looking for new bookshelves because these bad boys have been passed down from my sister to myself and they have been hanging on by a thread for a solid 6-7 years…waaay past the life expectancy! I want to get some heavy duty kind that will actually anchor to the wall! I want to anchor the TV and the dressers in the living room and baby room as well! The Tv rests on the living room dresser and while its not anywhere close to the edge where Savannah can reach it from the front, just a tug on those cords on the sides and I’m terrified it’ll fall ( we have a 49”). Until we can get the drawers secured too it’s a good idea to get the dresser secured to the wall too. She already climbs inside the bottom drawer in her bedroom so that one is absolutely going to get latched! These are the latches I’m looking at!

5. Rugs: Lower level + Office

This isn’t something that I feel pressed to fix immediately, but I have definitely noticed with Ghost that he very easily moves the carpet on our lower level and I would hate for Savannah to be walking along and have the rug slip and just have her come crashing down! So, its time we invest in some nonslip, rug pads to go under these bad boys! Two for the lower level rugs, one for the rug in our office!

So, I am fully aware that this doesn’t even come close to baby proofing our entire house, but like I said earlier I am only looking to expand Savy’s safe zones a little bit more and these are hopefully going to cover it! I’m still not sure I want her in the kitchen (out of her high chair anyways) just yet! But once I do, gosh I know that’s going to be quite the endeavor! But I’m going to continue to do our best to be preventative when it comes to incidents but also not live in fear of her getting hurt because I know I just can’t control everything she does. I know now that there are many things we can control in our home as far as safety measures go, but some things will just be unavoidable and I’ll have to live with that! I will try my best to anyways…!😭💛