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These are a few of my favorite things (pregnancy edition)

If anyone knows me you know I’m a skincare, body care loving junkie. I could and do spend hours on end learning about skincare, hair care, body care, and some even makeup care, I mean you name it and I’m all about it. When I was younger I was into skincare and makeup a lot…and now getting older, my skin changing, and becoming a mom, I have paid closer attention to what is in certain products, how my skin will react to certain things, and since becoming pregnant with baby number 3, I have been more conscious of what i’m using on a daily basis. And in a lot of areas I have learned that less is more. 

So I have decided it would be fun and hopefully help some other mamas out to share my current fav products I have been using these last 8 months…specifically curated to being pregnant. All the products I’ll have pictured are pregnancy safe, gentle, and won’t break the bank. 


I alternate between two cleansers, next I add more hydration and prep my skin to better absorb other products by using an essence, and lastly moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I mix my fav face lotion ever and this amazing rose hip oil which has sooo many benefits to the skin! Most preggo mamas will tell you they struggled with dry skin during and after pregnancy at some point – I know I did and breastfeeding also completely can dry you out more, so don’t skip the hydration mamas!  


Every time I get out of the shower/bath I lather on the lotion and give my belly some extra tlc with some belly butter. I have tried every body lotion out there (or at least what’s at your local target) and no need to buy overpriced, brand name lotions when this target brand lotion that is under 3$ does the trick. Honestly any target brand lotion is great but this has been my go to this pregnancy and keeps my skin hydrated for days. This brand I found a few months ago for body wash and it has been so calming and hydrating to the skin, plus the scent is truly amazing. 


Not until recently have I switched up my hair care routine, (pry since having Harrison) I started paying closer attention and have spent the extra dollar or two on getting products that are going to nourish, protect, and strengthen my hair not just cleanse. That postpartum hair loss and weird regrowth are no joke! This brand has been my go to since it came out, and I alternate conditioners. After every hair cleanse I make sure to go in with a leave-in hair conditioner, using a comb to brush through, and leaving my hair down to dry before putting it up. ( I also don’t use any heat on my hair – maybe once every 3-6 months, and I only use scrunchies which helps your hair not to have so much breakage) 

These go to’s of mine have made me feel beautiful, have been an outlet of self care, and have comforted me during this final pregnancy. I would love to know what other mamas are using or staples that have been passed down that you all love. And to all my mamas out there in the midst of pregnancy and pp mamas, continue to take that extra time to care for your skin and body, and do your research on products to make sure they’re safe to use. 🙂