17 helpful items for hospital delivery


  • Nipple Balm – I use Bamboobies. You can find this I think anywhere but I got it at target! Actually everything on this list you can get from target! But 100% get some kind because it will save you your sanity! It makes such a difference! 
  • Disposable nursing pads or reusable nursing pads. I got the disposable ones and stuck with those because Savy fed so often i rarely needed them! But you will figure out pretty quickly (first couple of weeks for sure) if you go through them a lot!
  • Nursing bra – I brought 2 with me! One that was basically a bralett and one where you unclasp the bra from the straps! Both work great but the bralette was more comfortable 
  • Loose shirts! Bring a couple. Can be tank tops, t shirts, sweaters, whatever! You just want something that is comfortable to sleep in and that will move over your boobs super quickly and easily! Don’t worry about being fashionable – just try to be comfortable!


  • Loose pants! I used black pajama pants I found at target the day before I went into labor (which i feel like i got pretty lucky that they were actually comfortable – not the best time to take risks with clothes lol) I would avoid tight leggings or tight pants of any kind! You don’t want any extra pressure whether you do a c section or vaginal birth!
  • You can bring a couple pairs of underwear but I would focus on disposable underwear! The hospital will give you mesh panties but I bought “Always discreet Boutique Incontinence underwear for women” size large from target and I wore them for about a month after her birth! So so comfortable and you can put those tea pads the hospital gives you right in. Also, take as many of those pads home with you as you can…I snuck a bag full home with me! 
  • Slippers or comfy socks! i brought those slipper socks and only took them off to shower.


  • Anything you use in your daily life! You basically just want to bring whatever is going to make you feel good about your self. Morning routines are pretty important to me so I brought: face wash, moisturizer, tooth paste, tooth brush, body soap, lotion, and deodorant. 
  • I also brought some make up just in case I was feeling up for it! I cried a lot so I didn’t end up using any lol
  • I also brought my own pillow! This was super comforting during the labor process and after
  • iPad because I like to watch tv to calm down lol

For the Baby:

  • Bryan will give you diapers, a swaddle blanket, a little outfit, and some other random things so when it comes down to it, the only things you need are for when baby is going home! Beside the car seat of course – you must have a car seat to be able to leave lol
  • I brought: a couple baby outfits (I only really used one)
  • A swaddle blanket
  • A blanket 
  • If you have a boppy, that will save you some unnecessary arm aches! But pillows are totally fine too – that’s what I used the whole time I was there
  • A couple burp cloths!

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