Toddler Haul: Spring Edition

As bittersweet as it was to realize my baby girl had magically turned into a toddler overnight, its actually getting to be really fun! For example – the clothes options? I mean – the OPTIONS! To say I have been having a bit of a field day with looking through all of the fun things to try out with her is a complete understatement! For this blog I wanted to ring in the spring season with a mini spring toddler haul that wont break the bank, and are so dang cute! Ill be pulling from places like Target (of course), Old Navy, Gap Kids, and Zulily! I always recommend going to your local boutiques too because they will have options that are not only unique, but you would be helping out businesses that would really appreciate the business! Some of these things I have already gotten, but most them I either have my eye on or just discovered. From pants, to shirts, to rain jackets and shoes, I’m really going for it! Because Savy is tall (just like her mama🥰) so I always size her up! Also, while I love dressing Savy in adorable clothes, I want to be careful and not dress her outside of her age – you know? I want her to dress like a toddler, not like a mini adult! So while its so adorable seeing those little kids dressed like miniature people, I’m not going to be dressing her in bikinis, shorty shorts, or crop tops (yes, I have seen those being sold…) sothese are going to be super simple, but super adorable options! 

  1. Pajamas 

These sets are hands down my favorite pajamas for Savy! Not only are they so stinking cute, but they fit her really well and I swear can be worn as a normal outfit!

2. Rain Jacket

This is going to sound dramatic but I’ve only had 1 raincoat my whole life and I kid you not, its hands down the most useful article of clothing I own! I don’t have to use it very often, but when it does rain its honestly the only thing that actually keeps me dry! I’m going to make sure to keep one on hand for her because there is nothing more miserable then being drenched from the rain! Here is one I found at Gap and while it is pricey, its on mega sale right now (50% off!) so it’s def a good investment! I’m going to add a couple of more from Zulily because they are so stinking cute and such a good deal!

Check out Mint Buzzing Bee Pocket Hooded Raincoat – Girls at Zulily

Check out California Sea Shelly Shell Jacket – Kids at Zulily

3. Apron

Ok, I was not planning on adding this to the list BUT the cuteness just over powered me and I have to add it! I have always loved the brand Milkbarn and they have always had an awesome selection on Zulily that are super well priced! I was browsing and found these absolutely ADORABLE aprons for toddlers and it’s the one thing I never knew I wanted for my daughter! So so precious! Here are 3 options they have!

4. Pants + Shorts

I just got these cuuuute cropped pants for Savy and I cannot wait to put her in them! You know, I can admit I was whole heartedly that person that vowed to never wear cropped pants – but now? They’re everything. They are perfect for cold weather *and* warm weather! You know Im all for comfortable and practical these days, and cropped pants really combine the best of those two! So when I stumbled on a pair for Savannah, I just had to get them! Plus, they’re $6! I mean, it was a no brainer! I’m gonna add a couple more pairs of shorts too because I think they’re just so cute!

Check out Dark Blue Denim Paper Bag Shorts – Newborn, Infant, Toddler & Girls at Zulily

Here are the Target tie dye biker shorts!

5. Dress

I didn’t put Savy in a lot of dresses when she was a baby, mostly because it didn’t make sense to me since she was mostly just laying in my arms and I also just couldn’t imagine her being comfortable in them! But now that shes able to walk around and I change her outfit multiple times a day anyways, I’m excited to start getting her some cute ones! Here is one from target that I just love (maybe for Easter?) and another from Gap that is on super sale that is so darling

Here is the denim gap dress!

6. Two Piece Outfit

These little 2 piece outfits are not only so darling, they are *extremely*  convenient! For the days where we are just lounging (which lets be honest, that’s most days) its so lovely to just pick the monochrome outfit to make her look extra trendy!

7. Shoes

Probably the most important thing that I need to invest in for Savy this spring are *shoes* and I feel completely lost. I don’t know why but toddler shoes are SO hard to show for! Now that shes moving alllll over, she actually needs some legitimate shoes! I found this super adorable brand called Little Love Bug that are handmade (boujee I know) but they have soft soles and I like the idea of that! But what are some brands that you guys like? I am all ears when it comes to good, affordable toddler shoes! Here are a couple that I’m looking at now though!

What are some of your go to outfits/brands for your toddler? I am so excited to dive into this stage and I know I’m going to learn the hard way that some things just are not practical, but I would love to hear any and all advice you have for me in the comments below! 

Happy Shopping!