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Top 10 Reality Checks When Your Baby Begins to Crawl

Savannah has been going through different stages of her crawling journey for nearly two months now and we have quickly realized we need to take a few safety precautions. It all began with her beginning to be comfortable on her tummy and then pulling herself with her arm strength. You couldn’t even call it army crawling because she wasn’t using her legs at all and she moved quite slow. I could plop her down next to me with a few toys nearby and that would keep her occupied long enough for me to try and multitask on a project while hanging with her for the afternoon. Eventually, her legs did get involved – then her knees, and all of a sudden, she was pulling herself up on things. The first time she did it Alex started screaming she was so excited. I got to see it later that day after work too and it really was heartwarming. She still has a way to go and I know this is only going to get a lot crazier. Right now her favorite thing is to climb onto Alex’s poof’s, then scootch her feet and arms to the couch – all in a matter of seconds! And of course it happens when I’m looking at my phone or something and of coooourse Alex just happens to pop around the corner to call me out… that kind of stuff is going to keep happening and in exponentially scarier situations too, I’m sure.

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Today I am going to discuss our top 10 reality checks when your baby begins to crawl. I’ve tried to put this together in a fun and simple way to express the changes we have already had to make in our lives to accommodate for Savannah’s constant discoveries involving the world out there beyond her current plop spot. We have had a few close calls, and of course Alex has expressed to me all about the horrific what if situations that we MUST be prepared for – just in case. It is always better safe than sorry, right… but it’s also good not to be scared of the world out there, but rather be excited to be able to witness our little Bee learn and grow!

I do want to point out that the pictures on this post do not really correlate with the topics… I know, I know, but that can be a challenge at times to get the perfect picture for each point in a post – but these pictures are fun and hopefully do tell their own story. So, I apologize for that and lastly, here are the blogs that are coming down the pike! Enjoy!

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Top 10 Reality Checks!

  1. No coffee bombs!

A HUGE problem, one that has been going on ever since I have known Alex, is that she likes to make herself little coffee treats throughout the day, not finish them, then leave them in random spots throughout our home. Spots like the back of the toilet or bathroom sink, the TV stand or top of the bookcase, the little window counter behind our couch, or even on the ottoman in the living room. I call these coffee bombs because I think it sounds funny, and also because she is going to set it and forget it forever until I move it to the kitchen sink (this isn’t great for coffee ring stains inside the poor little mug either). Luckily most of the time it’s old and cold coffee, but sometimes it can still be hot and we have seen little Savannah plopping her little hand inside those mugs. You know she will tip it over right towards her face! No more coffee bombs!

2. Your house is full of poison!

Sometimes when Alex is gone and I have to do something in the bathroom, I just take Savannah with me and she plays with the hanging towels or whatever. Recently I was taking a quick shower and she zipped off around to the front of the bathroom where I couldn’t see her anymore. I came out almost instantly and she had already open the counter and removed a cleaning spray! I realized right then that we have a lot of poisons in the house. Savannah wants to eat everything, and the kitchen, garage, bathrooms, and basement have all kinds of stuff not suitable for eating. It’s probably time to get those clips that baby proof the cabinets!

3. Everything you use is electric!

If you get down on your hands and knees and start crawling around, you might notice there are outlets and electrical cords in every direction! Your kitchen is full of electrical stuff. Your bedroom and living rooms probably have lamps, TVs, and those surge protector things so you can plug in twenty things at once! One of my not so favorite situations that happens often enough is when Savannah pulls out the plug for our internet router, making it impossible to do my work from home for about 10 minutes because it has to reboot! Actually, it isn’t that big a deal – it could be much much worse!

4. You will learn to high step baby gates!

We need to get more baby gates and we have been saying we are going to buy this one for about two months now. I’m honestly not sure why we haven’t yet… someone (not me) just hasn’t done it yet, I guess… But we do have one thanks to our amazing friend Mady who lent us one for Ghost. It has been a life saver and we use it to divide our living room from the treacherous stairs. This works great to keep Savannah away from those stairs and Ghost away from trampling Savannah. There is really no getting around high stepping 100 times a day though. I am getting good at it too; I can do it holding stuff and sometimes I even try and jump over it when I am feeling really cool! Of course I make sure not to do this when I’m holding Savannah – Alex would kill me if she ever saw me do that!

5. The floor is lava!

The floor is literally covered with pieces of food, random sharp objects, paper clippings, and a million other things not safe for Savannah to eat. Unfortunately, if she finds something – which she always manages to do – the first thing she does is put it in her mouth! Yikes. So, I like to say the floor is like lava because it’s full of dangers! They played this game (the floor is lava) on a recent episode of the Bachelorette, and then a podcast that Alex and I listen to really made fun of them – which I thought was funny. The podcast also said it was a “very Zoey Deschanel thing” and my first thought was, “they play the floor is lava during their game True American on New Girl with Zoey,” which I personally think is the best show – but I also thought of that exact thing when I saw it on the Bachelorette! I know, very girlish of me to say I like to watch the Bachelorette, but Alex makes me watch all of these shows so I might as well learn to like it. 😊

6. You must secure everything in place!

Alex wants to secure the bookcases to the wall. This is one of those times when I just say, “okay, sure, yeah, lets do it.” I am not convinced this is really going to happen or how we would even go about doing it. I will leave that one to Alex… But in all seriousness, things like whatever your TV is sitting on and other items that could topple over and fall on Savannah are scary. We had to move our TV in the living room that always sat on our bookshelves to a dresser we have in there instead, because the bookshelves are really wobbly and we didn’t want a giant TV landing on top of her!

7. Books are edible!

If you follow us on Instagram, I am sure you have seen on our stories one of Savannah’s favorite past times is to pull Alex’s book off her wobbly book cases and make a big pile on the floor. Once she has enough on the ground, she likes to first rip off any of those plastic covers that you sometimes see on a hardcover book… you know the ones that are super annoying when are trying to read it and it keeps slipping in your hands. Savannah loves to wrinkle and rip those. Then she likes to open the books and pull out the pages. Finally, she of course tries to put those pages in her mouth – that’s when I have to step in. Who knew book pages would be something she would want to put in her mouth?

8. Pillows and blankets become extra safety measures

We have a big brick fireplace in the basement because our house is from the 70’s and really cool brick fireplaces were the rage – especially ones with bases that stick out from the walls and have super sharp edges. This is probably the best example of the very sharp and scary things not great for Savannah to fall into. There are also all of the lovely outlets and low hanging cords throughout the house. The best way to solve this problem is to drape blankets and pillows on the outskirts of your home for padding! It solves the problem and is a great decoration. I’m sure Alex loves this new idea I’ve made up!

9. Babies can disappear quicker than Alex’s toilet paper supply!

Nobody uses toilet paper quicker than Alex. We buy the huge mega supply from Target that lasts me a year and Alex will have it used up in less than a month! Which is so great. As I mentioned earlier, Savannah used to be really slow. Not anymore, now she can zip around really quickly. She can also turn with zero-degree radius. It looks like she is just moving her ankle a little bit and somehow, she is turning like a corkscrew and I’m thinking, “I couldn’t do that…how strong is this girl??” Then she sees something that steals her attention and zip – she is gone! There have been a few times when I have looked away, or even just been in a conversation with Alex, and I look and Savannah is across the room under the Christmas tree pulling down the lights! To say you have to always keep one eye on Savannah at all times at this point is an understatement!

10. You no longer have nice things!

We have honestly been really lucky in this department, I don’t think Savannah has broken anything of ours yet. We have had to put some nice things away so she can’t get to them ( we usually put them in drawers or in the basement) so it is sort of like not having it since it’s just stored away! Totally worth it of course and I am sure some of our things will break as she gets older. Probably a lot of things in the near future, but again totally worth it so she doesn’t get hurt and we can save some of our favorite delicate decorations! We have just decided to try and make safe zones and remove all trinkets and things from her reach in certain rooms of the house! Right now those rooms are the living room, the TV room on the lower level, her bedroom, and the bathroom – kind of. I’m sure we will expand those safe zones once she actually begins to walk!

 Wrap Up

Well, I truly hope you enjoyed you reading this one today! If you have any of your own tips and tricks that worked out for you when your little one started crawling, please let us know! Again, if you are new or have been reading along the whole time and haven’t reached out yet, we encourage you to let us know, we would love to hear from you! The best way to reach us is on The Fox and The Bee Instagram or Facebook! Happy reading!