Top 10 Snacks that are Dairy, Soy, and Egg Free!

Some days I feel like the moments just fly by. Something about this week has just made me feel so sentimental and I’ve just wanted to really live in all of the moments with my Savannah Bee. When this happens, I hardly want to cook or search through recipes to find something that sounds good but let’s face it, breastfeeding throughout the day seriously makes me hungry! I make sure to make big breakfasts, lunches, and dinners but when it comes to snacking in between, and there is plenty of snacking in between, I really want something that I don’t have to put together or cook. While I haven’t found a ton of well-priced snacks that are dairy, soy, and egg free, I have found some! Don’t worry though, I plan to keep adding to this list! Even though I can’t guarantee I’ll maintain this super strict diet when Savannah has weaned off of breastfeeding, I really do enjoy the habits I’ve built and the new lifestyle we have cultivated surrounding this transition. My go to favorite place to shop is Fresh Thyme – it has the selection and quality of Whole Foods and Trader Joes, but an even better price tag! I also have found that target and Costco have some great options too! I have tagged the majority from Target but some things you can only get att Fresh Thyme or Costco! Without further ado, here are my top 10 favorite snacks that are dairy, soy, and egg free!

  • Organic Pretzel Crisps –  $3.49 – These little guys are the peeerfect snack! I never really considered myself a pretzel kind of gal but these bad boys are seriously so so good. You can buy a smaller size bag (or should I say perfectly proportioned size bag) or the jumbo bag they offer at Costco for $8, but both are great price and great snacks! I like to dip mine in hummus! Hummus is an awesome dip that you can use for chips, vegetables, pretzels, basically anything! I also like to buy this in bulk from costco but they offer awesome flavors almost anywhere where they sell produce!
  • Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips $3.99 – While not all tortilla chips are soy free, you can find a good variety that actually are! Soybean oil is commonly used to fry things but if the item is certified organic, the chances go down greatly! I really love the Fresh Thyme Blue Corn Tortilla chips or targets Good&Gather Blue Corn Tortilla Chips! Before all of this, I never knew the difference between corn or flower tortilla chips and I never stopped to see what I was eating. So for me, they taste exactly the same!
  • Perfect Bar Chocolate Walnut Brownie Protein Bar$2.49 – Alright, so the Perfect bar is incredibly popular right now because they are one of the few protein bars that actually taste good and are really great for a quick snack to tide you over in between meals. The thing is, the chocolate walnut brownie is the *only* Perfect bar that is soy, dairy, and egg free! I mean, I’m not complaining because it’s like a little dessert bar but it is limiting! And kind of random now that I’m thinking about it.
  • Fresh Thyme Peanut Butter Pretzels$5.99 – I just recently discovered these and they are so so addicting, I ate the bag in two days. And I held back too. Now I’m sure there are other brands out there that adhere to this specific diet, but these specific ones from Fresh Thyme are basically the only ones that I have found so far that do not have soy in them!
  • Leah’s Better Bites$5.99 – Ok now these are little luxury bites and honestly the only thing on here that isn’t the most budget friendly, but they are little pieces of heaven so definitely worth the indulging. Each box only comes with 6 pieces but they are worth it! There are about 7 different kinds and they are all free of the top 8 allergens. SO GOOD. This brand also offers a couple more desserts which you can buy online, at Target. and also at Hy-vee!
  • Nadamoo! Organic Mint Chip Dairy-Free Dessert and Oatly! Ice Cream $4.99 – Ice cream is just a staple in everybody’s life – don’t lie, you know its true! However, when you can’t have any dairy, that becomes a very depressing matter of discussion. Enter Nadamoo and Oatly! There are plenty of non-dairy ice cream out there and to be honest I’ve only tried a couple, but these are so so so good. Unfortunately, the only flavor I can eat from Nadamoo is the organic mint chip because the others have “natural flavoring,” but it tastes just like mint chip, so I’m not too broken up about it! Also, I have only tired the chocolate flavor from Oatly but it tastes just like dairy chocolate ice cream! I know some people have preferences between coconut milk and oat milk and with both of these, you have your choice of either! In my opinion, the Oatly is way creamier so its ranked just slightly higher!
  • Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend$7.19 – If you are a Nutella fan, this hazelnut butter is an amazing runner up! It literally tastes the same and its guilt free! I also like to put this on some of that Dave’s Killer Bread as a little snack – usually before I go to bed. I live quite the thrilling life. I also recommend buying it at Target rather than a health food store! It’ll save you a couple of dollars!
  • Annie’s Organic Cinnamon Rolls with Icing$4.99 – If you miss Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, then I am here to save you! Annie’s cinnamon rolls don’t come with a million little rolls in one can, but they do come with 5 and are BETTER! They aren’t as cheap as the pillsbury cinnamon rolls, no surprise there, but they aren’t a fortune either! The last time I got them I meant to share them with Trevor, but he ended up only getting one because I ate the rest so fast. I wish I could say I was ashamed, but I just wasn’t. I just wasn’t.
  • Ruffles Original Flavor Ridged Potato Chips $3.99 – The last item on my list is not a healthy option by any means, but is a lovely, guilty pleasure.  Salty, greasy, potato chips! Who knew that potato chips are allergen free? Ruffles is my favorite brand so I put this one down but I think there are quite a few options to choose from that are dairy, soy, and egg free!

As you can tell from the list above, I desperately love my sweets! While I miss eating anything I wanted, I actually feel kind of proud of myself for taking control of the situation I am in and honestly just sticking with it. Having little snacks like this really helps making the whole experience more manageable and just plain enjoyable!

Are there any snacks that you just live by that are dairy, soy, and egg free? I would love to hear about any and all quick and easy sweets!