Top 8 Christmas Gifts for Savannah

Back in September I made a “must have” fall list of items that I wanted to get Savannah – well, I didn’t end up getting *any* of that stuff 😂 so now I’m creating a Christmas list of things that I have already gotten for our little Bee, and a couple that I plan to! It is a little different than the last list though because while I loved all of the cute outfits and hats I put on that first list, a lot of those items were of the wish list variety. Savannah is  growing bigger, stronger, and smarter each day and with those new advancements, my baby girl needs more than just a cute sweater and cute hat to keep her occupied!

Trev and I have been very intentional about the toys we have gotten her so far because 1) her attention span lasts about 2 minutes at this point and she enjoys playing with her shoes as much as she does the fancy toy giraffe I got her, and 2) shes still so young – the types of toys they promote for her age is kind of all over the place, overwhelming, and pretty unnecessary for the most part! With that said, we want to maintain that aspect of picking toys for her and also start the tradition of picking presents that are activity based! Since she is so little and her activities are pretty limited, I’m focusing on building her room into a safe little space for her as she grows – a space that’s just for her! For me growing up, my room was my little safe haven and I made every inch of that space special for me – I want to start that for Savannah and hopefully one day she will be able to create her own safe haven. There are also some pretty practical gifts mixed in there! It’s Savy’s first real winter so we need to get her some winter gear – which I’m very excited about!

All in all, I want to spend as much as I can at small businesses and Etsy has been my main source of inspiration! Some things though, I either can’t find at a small business location or, simply put, I just can’t afford their option! I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but while I love supporting small business/local businesses, often times the prices are just way out of my price range so it’s hard for me to do a lot of my shopping there! I do understand that the bigger conglomerates like Amazon and Target are able to price their items lower because they are so big, but for items like winter boots and bath toys and lamps, I need that lower price tag because besides the lamp, I am not going to need to use them past this season – you know? Anyways, I *do* want to help any way I can though so I have listed multiple Etsy stores that I personally love and have purchased the selected presents from!

PS. This pandemic has hit everybody in some way financially. While I love the idea of spoiling Savannah for her first Christmas, I also am not blind to the financial change we have personally experienced. Presents don’t equate a loving, special Christmas and we really want to create traditions for our little family that don’t revolve on the latest gadgets and toys! Also, these presents are basically for us at the moment anyways! Because while she may get wonderful use out of them as she grows older, right now she just wants to cuddle, eat, and play with anything and everything she can get her hands on – even if its toilet paper from the bathroom. 💛

  1. Target boots

These boots are hands down my favorite option I was able to find for babies – that were actually supportive/warm for winter! There were some fancier options on some small boutique websites that I just adored but unfortunately, Savy is still just a wee baby so the options for her are quite limited! The only reason why I’m wanting to get her actual boots is because 1) she’s going to be walking *any* day now and will actually need to protect her little toes, and 2) I am very excited to take her out in the snow this winter and have her play around! She’s a tall little one so the snow suits that cover the feet don’t actually fit all the way around her – so these are a must! We took her for walk the other day when the temperature was around 45 degrees and even though I had socks and little shoes on her, her feet were so so cold by the time we got home (talk about mom guilt😩) so, I want to avoid that going forward!

The shoes that I picked for her are actually on sale now at Target! You can find them here!

2. Lamp

I simply adore this lamp! I have gone back and forth since she’s been born on whether I want to do a woodland theme for her room, or floral patterns! Well, I have decided to combine them both! This lamp is my first purchase for the woodland theme portion and its so precious – I hope it’s as pretty in person as it is online though…fun fact! I have lots of lamps around my house, but they have all been passed down from my sister Sarai! So, this is actually the first lamp I have ever personally purchased! Super random and maybe insignificant to most, but for me – it’s super exciting!

You can find this lamp at target online here


3. 3 books

These books were recommended to me from my friend Kelly who has a little boy of her own! They are absolutely beautiful and so so sweet – exactly the type of books I want to read to my little Bee as she continues to grow! As Trev has mentioned in prior blog posts, we love getting her board books (the really hard, smaller type books for littles) that way she can play with them all she wants without fear of ripping the pages! These books however, I bought as normal hardcover books so they will be meant just to be read to – not played with!

I’m sure you can find these select titles other places, but I found these at Target online! You can find the links below!👇🏼

Day Dreamers by Emily Winfield Martin

Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin

Wherever You Go by Pat Zietlow Miller

4. Book shelf – etsy 

This bookshelf is Trevor’s idea and something he very much wanted to create for Savannah! Well, not actually create the bookshelf, but begin to create a little library for her! I’ve seen this type of shelf circulating on instagram for other nurseries and knew they would be perfect for Savannah’s smaller room. We plan to get 4 at some point, but will just 2 at the moment! I believe we will put these higher on the wall to display the nicer books we will read to her, but then eventually I want to put 2 more down lower at her eye level so she can just grab and pull books out as she wants! Trevor also wants to create a little comfy space for her in that spot so she can just go and read and play – which is so stinking tender!

I found these shelves on Etsy! I can’t seem to link it for some reason, but the shop is called WoodyoubuyAU and you should go check them out!

5. Bath toys

We give Savannah a bath every night before bed – I know, I know, that probably sounds like a lot – but it actually doesn’t feel that way! Some littles are able to fall into a simple bedtime routine right out of the womb – some, need a little bit more of a routine to maintain a nice, steady bedtime – Savannah is one of those who need a routine! We realized bath times help her at around her 6 month mark and we haven’t turned back since! She absolutely loooves bath time now and as she starts to explore and is able to hold her self up more, we think its time we invest in some fun bath-time toys for her! We want to start simple because we don’t know what she will actually like, but these 2 toys and this *must have* bath mat is on our list! Again, I found these bad boys on target online because until I know what she kind of likes to play with in the bath, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a couple of toys! But here at the 3 that we are going to get if you are interested!

6. Snow Suit

I am super excited about getting a snow suit for Savy! While I don’t love spending this much on one, I really believe in investing in winter gear because it makes a world of difference! My sister gave us the idea to buy her winter gear in the off season when they are on super sale (which is what she did when she got us Savannah’s winter coat for this winter!) so, I am going to absolutely do that next year if we decide to get her another winter suit! And while I’m sure I can find a cheaper version, I am just in love with this print and these colors! If you enjoy outdoorsy brands but just cant justify the price tag at scheels, websites like Steep&Cheap and Backcountry sell past season coats and outdoor wear at a discount! Definitely where Trev and I check things out first when we want to update our winter gear! The suit I want to get for Savy is from BackCountry!

7. Book Ends – Etsy

Continuing on the library theme, I found these beautiful book ends on Etsy while I was searching for her bookshelf and I just couldn’t help myself! They are so so cute and just go perfectly with the woodland theme and the floral patterns! We like to keep a couple of our own personal favorite books in her room too because we used to spend a lot of time in there so why not read? So I am thinking of using these for those until she has some thicker books of her own! These also feel like the type of book ends that will last for a long time 💕

I found these bookends on Etsy but since I am having trouble linking the actually Etsy page, I have linked their actual website instead! You can check it out here!

8. Baby Blanket + Lovies – B.E. Rosie Etsy Shop

I have saved my favorite for last! I have said before that I have wanted to buy Savannah a blanket from me to her since she was born, but have had such a hard time finding the right one! I found this little Etsy/Facebook shop locally! I am super excited about that part too – because they are absolutely beautiful! She makes big beautiful blankets as well as smaller sized blankets called “lovies.” I got Savannah a lovey because she is still so tiny, she doesn’t have much use for a big blanket yet (the lovies are 17” x 17”) and I think this will be just perfect for her! Since Savannah has always had trouble sleeping, our pediatrician mentioned that getting her something that could be a comfort aid would maybe help, so I am hoping this could be that for her! I’m probably just being sentimental and she’ll probably chuck it to the side like 99% of her other blankets/toys, but a mama can dream! 💛

You can find her shop here!

What are some Christmas presents you would like to get for your little? Any must have this season? I would love to to hear in the comments below!💕