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From a Working Mom to a Stay At Home Mom

Sometimes there can be a lot of judgment between working moms and stay at home moms, but we both have the same goal–to love and support our families. I see it as, we’re all in this together ya know? We all want the same outcome, and we want our homes to be a place of comfort, love and support.

My journey through being a working mom was rough, I was a single parent and the only sole provider at the time. Trying to find a good routine seemed unattainable, the exhaustion and emotional toll it takes doing it all alone feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. I had so many nights where I’d go to bed thinking i can’t do this another day. I really loved my job and my daughter was in a really great daycare, so I was really lucky in that sense. I thought I’d be doing that forever, and I was more than ok with that. I felt accomplished, I felt confident, I felt like everyday I got through was a win. Working moms really are the mvps. 

Now that i’m a stay at home mom my opinion on them has changed so much. I used to think being a stay at home mom was something I’d never be, or like at all. Luckily my husband has a great job, so it really was a no brainer when the opportunity presented itself. It definitely took some getting used to seeing as I always had a job (sometimes 2 or 3 at once)  for the last 14 years, so to go from that to this was super weird at first. With every new job you kind of grow to like it, so that’s how i felt. I missed my job, I missed being around people, I missed the hustle. But I think all my years of working my ass off out in the world really helped me into transferring into my new role. There’s way more responsibility when it comes to being a stay at home mom and some days I know if I don’t do this one thing it may never get done or be weeks until it does. Keeping somewhat of a routine down everyday is key, I didn’t think I’d like cleaning, or organizing things as much, but now I’m looking for the opportunity to do that everyday. I love being the cook, the laundry folder, the cleaner, the problem solver, the one who always knows where something is at. Being a stay at home mom has so many things within itself, I learn something new everyday. It has changed my outlook on life, it’s made me feel resilient and stronger than I ever thought I could be. It has given me an overwhelming sense of purpose knowing I’m doing exactly what I need to do. 

I think people could go back and forth all day about the pros and cons of being a stay at home mom. But the main thing for me is, I’m doing what’s best for kids and my family. I’m doing what i have to do for my family to feel taken care of, to always be there for my kids, to be the one playing with them, getting them dressed, making their favorite snack, hearing them sing a song, seeing the look on their face when they do something for the first time. I mean you really can’t compare anything to this. It has its hardships, but that’s life. Not everything is going to be good all the time, I’ve realized, there’s really no right way to do this. But if you’re going to do it, you have to be all in. What is life if you aren’t enjoying what you do for a living everyday? I’m doing the best thing in the world that I can think of for myself, but more importantly I know how much this is benefiting  my kids and husband and that really is all the motivation I need.