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Ways to Self Care

Being a parent has its challenges, the ups and down can sometimes feel like we are on this roller coaster of emotion. We are in the front row, getting whiplash and we have no way to get off. Feeling like we are getting pulled in every direction, and feeling like you’re running on empty. We’ve all been there right? Parenting is 24/7. There is never a moment where we aren’t parenting, thinking about a parenting thing, thinking about the kids, and so on and so on. From the minute I became a mom, that was my full time “job” , yeah I had another full time job I’d go to everyday but parenting/being a mom always came first. I loved it more than anything else, I gave it more than anything else, it has always been my main focus and really has brought me the most happiness and purpose. And now that I have been a stay at mom, I have dived even deeper into this whole parenting thing with both feet and it means the world to me. I get to wake up everyday and take care of my babies. 

One of the most important things we can do for our kiddos/family is to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, cause if we do that we can better take care of them. Self care is something we should practice everyday, but as parents especially! We have to remember to take that time for ourselves so that we can maintain a healthy, happy, positive mindset and lifestyle. It can be anything, from the simplest of things, to something that may take more of our time. This is definitely something that I have tried to focus on more, and especially with leading up to baby number three… I keep reminding myself to practice this more. So for all those mamas and papas out there, I have curated a list of self care habits/practices we should all try and do, if not everyday, at least a few times a week. I encourage you to maybe pick a few of these out and try to make sure you do them. Set a reminder in your phone, plan ahead, and soon they may become just like another part of your morning or nighttime routine. We all deserve to take that time away, it’s truly a necessity. To make us mamas feel like beautiful goddesses to the dads feeling like strong ass protectors, here’s some tips that can be for all. 

Ways to self care : 

  • Having a morning skincare routine and a nighttime skincare routine – i’m alllll about this one!
  • Getting up before your kiddos and taking a relaxing bath or shower – i suggest some epsom salt in that bath 😉
  • Making/ creating your own signature yummy coffee drink, hot or iced – i’m a big fan of both
  • Getting up before kiddos to do a quick workout routine or yoga routine – one thing we can thank covid for, all those at home workouts we can easily access on youtube now. I have found some pretty great pregnancy yoga ones!
  • Getting a fresh haircut, color and style – sounds so simple but can truly have you feeling like a whole new person with major confidence! So good for the soul!
  • Take a morning or evening walk – that fresh hair does the body so good! Always make sure you have your fav music and headphones ready.
  • Face-timing your other mama friends – I swear after a parent venting session I always feel like i’m not in this alone and I feel more sane. 
  • Have date night – making sure we still date our hubbies and wifeys is so important for our relationships and planning a fun date night is always on my list    
  • Getting a mani and pedi – who doesn’t love to get pampered and look cute after 🙂
  • Keeping a journal – writing out your thoughts and feelings can be so therapeutic and feel amazing for your mind and heart
  • Having a girls night – getting together with a bestie or two for a fun dinner or wine night, i’ll be hitting that wine hard in about 5-6 months lol 
  • Instead of lounging in jammies all day, get yourself ready just cause – throw on a cute outfit, do your hair cute, add a little makeup and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks!
  • Go buy a new book to read and indulge in going to a coffee shop or your fav cozy place at home to relax and enjoy.
  • Look up a fun healthy cookbook online to order or even go to pinterest and find some recipes to try out for the fam! – i have found some great gluten free cookbooks on amazon that i love to cook out of and the meals are delicious and easy!
  • Having a dance break moment while making breakfast, lunch or dinner – kids are optional here 🙂 – i always feel good after this, trust me you will too!
  • Going to grab your fav smoothie or coffee order – it’s nice to get outta the house, drive around, and jam out with drink in hand.
  • Looking up parenting blog posts to read – this is an easy, fun, and great thing to do to feel like you have support, get tips, and feel inspired. 
  • Plan a trip – this can be alone, with a bestie, or group – can be a quick weekend getaway to reset your system and come back refreshed.
  • Go buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing for months, or that one skincare item you’ve been dying to try that always seemed too pricey – sometimes this can truly make you feel just good. It’s simple, may sound silly but sometimes it’s nice to reward ourselves in a simple quick way that can change our whole mood. 
  • Get a massage – one of the best massages i got was when i was 8 months pregnant and it was truly life changing!

These are just a few guys! The whole point of this is to just try and do something at least everyday that you enjoy outside of being a parent. It truly can change how you feel about yourself, it can change how you parent, it can change how you show up everyday for your people. If we don’t take the time to take care of us, we won’t be able to show up 100% for the ones we love. Our best selves are already in us, we just have to remember to always find ways to bring that person out. Self care habits can truly help you believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. It can help keep that negative self-talk out of your mind – which we all have fallen victim to. It can also help push you to grow and really be comfortable in your own skin. So don’t ever hesitate or feel guilty to take that time for just you, it’s more important than you know.