What’s New This Week! : 7 month Update

Well we made it to 7 months! Before having a child, I honestly didn’t think anything interesting really happened in the first year. I mean, they grew – kind of – but as far as I knew they didn’t walk and they for sure didn’t talk! They were so so cute but also kind of scary because I felt like they were still pretty breakable. But as far as any details went, why would I pay attention to anything specific! Now? Oh man, I was so wrong. I could write a book on all of the things that happened between 6 and 7 months with Savannah! Granted, I am with her literally 24 hours a day so I see everything, but it’s honestly so much fun being able to see all of the changes occurring with her body, her development, and her personality – each and every day. So, I’m just going to go through and give a little update on all of the fun changes shes gone through, the things we’re working on with her, and things we hope to accomplish in the coming months! Hopefully this isn’t too boring for you all! As always, we would love any advice or tips you may have!


We began solids with Savy at 6 months because we were just too nervous to start any sooner. When we first talked about starting solids, we heard that it is absolutely a personal preference on if you start your child at 4 months or 6 months – if you start earlier, it would mostly be for cute photo ops because the baby wouldn’t get any nutritional value until about 9 months – or so we were told. I’m starting to learn though that there are just so many different ways of going about starting solids, and so many different methods of delivery. To be honest, it’s still confusing to me! I definitely plan to do more research…Here’s where we are at so far:

  • We still have Savy on level 1 for purées but we plan to move to level 2 in a week or so. 
  • We have tried about 12 different flavors and have learned that she loves veggies more than fruit. I don’t think we really plan on introducing any other flavors for awhile – possibly when we start really integrating it into her diet?
  • We haven’t done any cereals, quinoa, rice, or anything solid like that yet. I want to a little more research on it first before I feel really comfortable giving it to her just because I’m still a little freaked about the choking hazard and all.
  • We still have her only eating once a day, usually lunch time and we will either take turns feeding her or do it together!
  • She only eats about 2oz a day – not a whole lot!
  • We have found she eats more before a milk feeding, so we try to time it so she either eats before her lunch feeding, or waits about an hour after!

I like to keep notes, they help me keep track of things that are working and things I could maybe change. But I sometimes think that I just may analyze and overthink some things a little too much. While I truly do trust our pediatrician, I know so many mama’s who feed their little ones multiple times a day and doing a whole lot more than purées and cereals! It’s honestly super fascinating to me how there are so many different ways to raise a healthy baby, but it does get overwhelming at times. It can also start to feel like we are behind. While they say you should start solids at 6 months, I can’t help but feel that we are behind because we waited! I have the feeling that this feeling wont ever fully go away as she gets older though, (I can only imagine how its going to feel if she doesn’t start walking right away…) so, I’m just going to do my best to just be proud of her progress and development and happy for every body else’s as well! It’s the only thing I can really do!

Sleep Teaching 

This is also something we hesitantly began when Savannah turned 6 months old. When she hit 6 months, we decided it was time to fine tune her nighttime routine and attempt to work on longer, more consistent naps. I have found through research however, that nighttime sleeping should be our priority and naps would follow suit – and let me tell you, they aren’t wrong in saying we should focus on nighttime sleeping first. While we have mastered getting her intobed, we have a lot of work to do on getting her to stay a sleep (which I think is actually extremely common). There is so much information out there but I am still determined to find a way to get her to sleep through the night without using the “cry it out” method. While I do concede that at this age there will be tears, I want to make sure that they are few and far between! Here’s crossing our fingers that it works🤞🏼 Here’s where we are at so far!:

  • We just moved her into her own room 2 nights ago *sobbing*
  • She wasn’t quite ready to sleep in her crib so a mama friend suggested following the instagram account“Taking Cara Babies” and she has some amazing advice on her blog! (As well as some fancy and a little bit pricey online classes if that’s your jam)
  • Cara recommends putting her bassinet in her room to get her actually sleeping In there, so we did that! We made the environment literally the same as it was in our room so the only difference would be that we weren’t actually in there anymore! And like magic, it worked!
  • Night 1: she woke up a total of 3 times – every 2.5-3 hours – which was pretty good in my book for her first night! I’d also like to mention that she had zero tears going down! We have been doing her nighttime routine in her room anyways where she normally falls alseep. So, instead of just carrying her into our room, I turned the lights off and just placed her in the bassinet next to her play area! I don’t think she even realized she was in another room to be honest!
  • The main reason we decided to transfer her to her own room was because Trev and I truly felt that it was getting to a point where *all of our sleep* was being impacted by each other’s nightly stirrings. I would open the door or even move on the bed, she would wake up. She would move around in her bassinet, I would wake up. It was turning into a vicious cycle where neither of us would get a full nights sleep and we were waking up at minimum 3 times a night! (Trev always sleeps through the night, he is exempt from this situation though he believes it still effected him…)
  • We plan to transition her to the actual crib in 3-5 days. I have been having her take her naps in her room now too and starting today, I will have her take those naps in her crib to help get her a little extra acquainted with it. I have had her nap in it before, but she only stays asleep for 20-30 minutes. I’m hoping that isn’t the case for the night! She is about to outgrow her bassinet so it’s pretty important that we figure it out soon!
  • Night 2: It went honestly super smooth! For our standards anyways! She fell asleep at 8:30, then woke up at 11:00pm, then again at 2:00am (fell back asleep at 2:45 BY HERSELF😭) but woke up at 3:45 for 5 or so minutes. She didn’t wake up again until 7:45! 
  • It may seem like it wasn’t that big of a difference from when she was in our room, but it truly felt like one! She fell asleep super smoothly after waking and needing either the normal little feed or little rocking in the arm, and I was able to immediately get back to bed and fall sound asleep! I no longer feel anxious or stressed that I (or Trev) may wake her up! 
  • While I know this can all change since its only been 2 nights, I truly feel it does make a different for her that we aren’t next to her anymore! Whether it was my almost constant stirrings, Trev’s random phone alarms going off, or just the knowledge that we are next to her so its play time all night, she seemed completely content in her own room! Such a relief for my mama heart. We will see how the rest of the week continues!

I have definitely caught a glimpse into how difficult sleep deprivation can make your day to day life. Add into the mix a baby who is also getting crummy sleep – we have one pretty foul mood family! I was feeling pretty guilty that we weren’t making it to the 1 years mark with keeping her in our room, but Cara from Taking Cara Babies explained the misconception with that so called “rule.” It was announced in 2017 that pediatricians all of a sudden recommend you should do a minimum 1 year for room sharing  with your baby to help reduce SIDS even further. However, the next year they kind of went back on that saying, “ok, 6 months is ideal, but 1 year would be cool too.” Cara further elaborates that the thing is, if it gets to a point where sleep is being impacted because of sharing a room (like it is for us) it actually can potentially cause more chances for incidents! Mama’s are more likely to bring baby into bed with them to soothe them to sleep or breastfeed which can be dangerous with pillows, sheets, or stray blankets. Sleep deprivation can also increase cases of shaken baby syndrome – which is horrifying. Those are just cases for the parents! Having a baby who is sleep deprived comes with its own set of incredibly unhealthy problems – from being cranky, angry, and moody all day, to having significant developmental delays! A baby needs a significant more amount of sleep then we do to keep healthy. If they are waking up from you, that is also affecting their health. I do want to say that keeping your little one in your room for a year doesn’t mean that these things will happen! But if your sleep starts to be affected negatively from room sharing, it is completely acceptable (and probably advisable)  to move your little one into their own room! It may not be an easy transition, but from what I hear from my mama friends that when the transition does stick – there is no comparison!

Sitting Up

Ok, Savy hasn’t quite gotten the hang of sitting up on her own yet, but she’s so close! We have to sit her up, but once she IS up – she can stay up on her own! YAY! We actually just discovered this yesterday! We don’t have a lot for this section now, but I am so excited to see where we are when I do this for month 8! Stay tuned! Maybe she will even be crawling then! Be still, my heart💛

Again, while I write all of this I am reminding myself that I need to not compare our progress with anybody else’s. Savannah is a beautiful, healthy baby girl and we have such a long way to go that I need to not put those thoughts in our minds. So, without further ado! This is where hearing the different perspectives from all you mama’ (and papa’s) out there really help! So please! Put your experiences down in the comments below! 

Thanks so much!