Reading through blogs is probably one of my favorite things to do. Whether its a cooking blog or an interior design blog, it never ceases to amaze me the creativity that can flow through a single person and how they can translate that onto this platform! Seeing the different creative outlets made by these women and men kind of inspired me to dig deep down inside myself and find my own! Actually I can’t take credit for this – my husband, Trevor, is who I need to thank for pushing me to just give it a shot! I’ve kind of always wanted to do it, but I felt I didn’t have the time, let alone the drive, to make it work. Plus what on earth was i going to talk about?! I’m not an expert on anything! Well, now that I am able to stay home and take care of Savannah (something I truly never knew i wanted) and we have this insane pandemic going on (yiiikes), I finally decided that it doesn’t matter that I’m not an expert on anything in particular – it just matters that I want to continue learning and that I really would love to share my findings and experiences with people. I truly have complete control of my time so I am finally giving this a shot! I hope you all enjoy getting to know me & my little family through my experiences, thoughts, and random pictures taken in my backyard!

That Mother Lifestyle

Taylor Synowicki has been in my life since we were in kindergarten and folks, I can’t express how thrilled I am that she agreed to be a content creator for The Fox and The Bee! She’s a current mama of 2 with a 3rd little on the way, wife, daughter, and cherished friend, this lady has wisdom beyond her years. Taylor talks about more than just being a mama though, she takes us through fashion, skin care, and an incredible aesthetically pleasing style. Check her blog posts out below!

I never had a doubt in my mind that Trevor would make a wonderful father, but his desire to just be around Savannah during all of his spare time is just so rare and so special. Every other week he will post a blog talking about some topic that interests him in regards to being a father, shedding light on a fathers perspective and what that means for him.